Understanding Windows Powershell & And How to Use it?


Even if you’re a Windows subscriber from the Windows 7 version above, you might never understand what Windows Powershell is, even if you hear it often or even use it. Here, you’ll get information about Windows Powershell that you need to know so you can use it. To facilitate you in understanding the Powershell, let us learn what Windows Powershell is.

What is Windows Powershell?

Powershell is one type of command prompt to execute a command through a programming language. If you know the Command prompt in Windows, Powershell is the like though it has a very striking difference. Typically, Powershell is used for more useful and more weighted commands. Both are the same because it still adopts DOS.

When compared to Command Prompt as a whole, Powershell has a more sophisticated and varied feature. The language used by Powershell is also more open. To manage Windows scripts, Powershell is much usable and faster.

The function of Powershell is to run a command that will later simplify the work of managing the stored digital-based work.

Basic Powershell commands

In addition to information about the understanding that will answer your question about what Windows Powershell is, it will also be explained about how it is used. In this case, let’s say you want to rename the file.

To use Powershell, you can start from the Start menu and select the Accessories menu. Then find the Powershell menu.

After the program opens, please type “Local Disk CD” and followed by the name of the folder where there are files that you want to rename.

Then, type the following command Dir | Rename-Item – NewName {$ _. Name – Replace “”, “_”}. Do not miss single punctuation, as the programming language is very sensitive and every single punctuation can represent one function.

Then press Enter and you can see that your file has been renamed.

If you want to do other commands, you can learn his commandments first and practice it. Keep in mind that in order to run Powershell need to know the coding code.

Now, your knowledge of Powershell is more than just an answer to what Windows Powershell is because you can now practice it.

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