Understanding Dropship: How it works, disadvantages and excess Dropship

In this modern and digital era, there are many businesses and business opportunities that we can do by utilizing the development of the existing technology, one of which is the type of business and also only use minimal capital is business Do a dropship.

Well this time will tell you a little bit of knowledge about dropship, which starts with understanding Dropship, how to work Dropship, disadvantages and excess Dropship. Nowadays, there is a lot of successful people start their business in starting with being a dropshipper, please see his article below with a good friend friends!

Definition of Dropship

Dropship is one of the types of marketing methods or sales of products, where the seller does not hold or have the goods that he sells directly. Maybe a lot of questions asked, Lohh how the buyer get the product if the seller does not have the goods?. The seller of the product before they offer and market it to the consumer, the seller of the product has been looking for a product that he sells to distributors or producers to serve as a supplier of the goods seller.

A lot of people equate dropship with resellers. Dropship and resellers are a very different thing even though in this work system is very similar and almost the same where the seller is not the direct manufacturer of the goods that it offers. When we become a reseller we must buy a product that we want to sell first before making a transaction with the buyer.

So in my opinion the risk of being a reseller is a little bigger than being a dropship, although it is so to take advantage more easily if it becomes a reseller because usually the price of the supplier can be cheaper than When we become a dropshipper, but this all depends on our clever door.

How to work Dropship

The way this dropship works if it is the first time you know it might be thought that being a dropship is quite tricky, but actually if it is already used to do this dropship is quite a job Promising and also quite mild in its workmanship.

Especially if we are new to dropship, we can do this as a side job to find extra money, because to do this dropship does not take much time, the capital is needed a little, and most importantly Is we can do it anytime and anywhere. Of course the risk is also very minimal.

Well here is how to work Dropship and a little explanation on how to Dropship, please friend friends read below. Dropship working system and Explanation:

Sellers looking for product suppliers

The first step to take someone to do when you want to transfer an item is to look for a distributor or manufacturer of the right item to make a supplier. When looking for this supplier try not only to find the price is cheap, but friends friends also have to see the quality of goods that they sell must match the expectations of friends friends and also according to the price offered at least.

To ensure that the goods friends can visit the supplier if possible or if it does not allow friends can try to buy the product of the person who will be in the supplier to ensure the quality of the goods. It is done to minimize the complaint of buyers to friends friend after Transacting, when friends themselves get the goods from the supplier.

Promoting products/offering products

Then the next thing is to promote the products that we have got the suppliernya, in my opinion in this modern and all-digital age, doing the promotion of the product is very easy.

In marketing the product to the dropship we can use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, up to WhatsApp and can also utilize the online store and marketplace for us to use as a sale of dropship methods such as the Pedia store, open LaPak, Shopee, to other people’s personal online store sites.

But still back in the point one, so that our rating is better in the eyes of buyers so the complement that we get low other than that also the buyer satisfied with the product we sell, of course we must promote the product that is already in the quality.

A few tips to offer our products, promote them in a targeted and do not origin, such as the example we market clothing products with logic course of course we should market the product to women, if friends use Facebook for promotional media then look for a Facebook group that has many female members such as cooking groups and so on.

Or it could also be by sending one by one inboxes to the person who has been targeted. At least if we make a targeted promotion is definitely the least 5 people who are interested from the 100 people we give bids, different if we are the origin of the promotion.

Conducting transactions with buyers

Once we get the person who will buy the product we market earlier, there are so many ways that the players of dropship. Start from using the payment system in advance to the DP system. Essentially the process of working transactions between dropship actors with buyers is like this


  1. Buyer orders.
  2. Buyers send money to the seller/performer Dropship (the money sent already includes the profit taken from the price of the product by the seller).
  3. The seller receives money.
  4. Seller takes advantage of the money that has been sent earlier.
  5. Seller communicates/orders to the supplier.
  6. Seller pays the product to the supplier.
  7. Supplier sends goods to the buyer.

In short the way the transaction works from the system or Dropship method just like that, although it looks ribet if it is seen, but when it is trying to do this dropship business is an easy effort and does not require a lot of resources.

Dropship deficiency

In doing a business of course there are advantages and advantages of each, the higher the risk in offering the higher the benefits that can be in the can, as well as vice versa. Well here are some examples of lack of doing dropship:


  • In this business game dropship competition is likely to be quite strict, many people who do this business dropship because it is easy to do this one business, but also the time required and the capital needed very little.
  • It is difficult to take big profits, because many dropship actors can be quite difficult if they want to take a big advantage. Not infrequently there are also competitors who take the goods from the same supplier to us, so we can not make more profit.
  • Hard to do branding, in because product sent is a product delivered directly by the supplier of goods, so we will be difficult to do branding our name. Unlike if it becomes a reseller, we can add stickers or the like thing in advance to promote our name.
  • The high likelihood of getting complaints, such as those described previously to avoid the many complaints from buyers about the products we sell, we have to find a properly trusted suppliers, and the products do not deceive the buyers.

Excess Dropship

Behind the lack of a business there is also an excess side of an effort, dropship is one of the businesses that has many advantages in various aspects. Well below are some advantages of doing dropship business, excess Dropship:


  • The risk that is generated is quite small, the risk in dropship business is very small, perhaps the most obvious risk is when the goods that we promote there is no practice, and only loss in the matter of time.
  • Capital used is very small, to start this business dropship capital from the economic side very minimal, even we can do without capital, enough with Internet connection only to run the promotion of the product.
  • Easy operation, well then for the problem of running a dropship business does not require too much time, even we can do in the sidelines of our busy work.
  • Working freely, of course because it is one of the entrepreneurs so we do not have to be able to hold the time or target that is pakem to run this business. We can allocate our time to do dropship business whenever we can.

Good as that’s the article this time in the business category on understanding Dropship, how to work Dropship, pros and cons of Dropship. Easily hopefully this article could be useful and useful to add to the knowledge of friends friend Reader Mastekno everything. Especially for those of you who want to try to plunge into this dropship business.

If anyone wants to be delivered in relation to the above article, friends can write in the comments field below this article. Thanks for visiting, read also other interesting articles!

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