Resolve Headsets or Headphones not detected on Windows 10

Resolve Headsets or Headphones not detected on Windows 10
Resolve Headset or Headphone not detected on Windows 10

Resolve Headsets or Headphones not detected on Windows 10 – Your Headset is one of the essential components for your computer, in addition to smartphones and other devices. Through this device, you can play all the multimedia content you like on the Internet.

There are several options on headphones, any brand or type you have will work without problems on your computer even if there are cases when your device cannot be recognized on your PC.

In this case, Algoritm Computer wants to provide some of the best solutions and tips that will help you to Resolve Headsets or Headphones not detected on Windows 10, and it can also be said your PC or laptop does not recognize your headset or headphone.

Before starting with the steps I’ll mention below, you need to verify that your headset or headphones are in an excellent performance and doesn’t require any external fixes.

  • Connect your headset or headphones to another device: first, make sure the headset is working correctly on another PC or smartphone.
  • Try a variety of USB ports: There are several types of headset or headphones equipped with USB connections. One good suggestion is trying to connect your device on various ports like the one on the back of your computer.

If you encounter an issue with your headsets hardware, immediately contact the store where you bought the headset for a replacement. If your headset hardware is no problem, continue with the following methods.

How To Resolve Headsets or Headphones not detected on Windows 10

1. Disable front panel jack detection

This issue has been reported several times when you installed the Realtek HD Audio Manager on your computer. There is a feature of this manager that detects when you connect headphones or microphones on your PC and then configure it depending on your settings.

When your computer does not detect your headphones, you can try disabling this feature to fix the problem. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open Taskbar in the lower-right corner, and double-click Realtek HD Audio Manager icon
2. Once there, click on the folder icon located on the top right of the windows and select the Speakers tab
3. In the window appears, check the box Disable front panel jack Detection
4. Now close all windows and try to connect your headset or headphone again; Hopefully, this time, your computer recognizes your headset device.
5. You can also try to restarting your computer to apply the changes

2. Run Troubleshooter

On Windows 10, when you have problems with headphones, speakers, or Audio in general, you can try running the useful Troubleshooter utility that will fix the problem automatically.

One of the Troubleshooter is played Audio. This utility will scan your computer to search for drivers, connections, or hardware problems with your headphones, and then it will try to fix the problem.

You can run Troubleshooter by following these steps:

1. Search in Windows 10 word Control
2. Now, in the results, click the Control Panel to open it.
3. Once opened, then, scroll down and click the Troubleshooting section
4. In this section, click on the Troubleshoot audio playback line
5. The Troubleshooter will open and click the Next button. Make sure to connect your headset or headphone beforehand
6. The utility will scan your computer from problems, and then it will fix the issue automatically

3. Turn on headphones

If your computer still doesn’t recognize your headphones, it may be that your device is disabled in the Sound Control Panel, and that is why this problem arises.

Windows will always activate by Default all audio devices you connect to, but some programs may disable some of them to avoid some conflicts.

If you’re not sure if your headphones are turned on, you can check by following these steps:

1. You need to open the Run dialog, to open it, press Win + R
2. A new window will open, and copy and type this command: Control Mmsys.cpl Sounds
3. Click OK to open the Sound Control Panel
4. Once there, you will see a list of all your playback devices, and there you search and find your headphones and right-click on the headphones
5. Then, in the menu opens click on Enable
6. Click Apply to save the changes. It will fix your headphone problem, and you will be able to enjoy your multimedia content. You only have to test if everything is functioning properly

4. Set headphones as Default

Once you have successfully activated the headphones on your PC, you may need to take additional steps to use your headphones.

As in the previous method, you need to open the Sound Control Panel with control Mmsys.Cpl Sounds and after that, follow these steps:

1. You will return in the Playback tab, right-click on the newly activated headphone
2. This time in the popped out menu, click Set as Default
3. Now, click the Apply button to save changes. Hopefully, this step will make your headphones work correctly on your computer without any problems.

5. Update the Audio Driver

If you follow all the steps, I show above, but it seems that nothing works with your headphones? Don’t panic, and you have one last method that I hope can solve this problem.

You can try updating your audio drivers by following the steps below.

1. Right-click on Start Menu and click Device Manager
2. Navigate to the Sound, video and Game controllers section, right-click on High Definition Audio Device
3. In the menu that opens, click Update Driver, then select the option find automatically and let Windows install your drivers

Closing Words: So how to resolve the headsets or headphones or earphones is not detected in laptop PC. Hopefully, one of the methods I mentioned above can help you if you encounter this problem. The end of the word thanks you for your visit.

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