Reasons why Your CPU or Processor is Overheating

CPU Or Processor Computer Overheat / Heat up
Reasons why Your CPU or Processor is Overheating

Reasons why Your CPU or Processor Overheating – Many things can cause the CPU on your computer to heat fast. But before it, we need to ensure in advance how or at the temperature of how much computer CPU is considered normal can be regarded as hot.

We know your CPU overheating can cause problems with the computer. It may let your PC is shutting down automatically when you’re working or playing games.
The CPU temperature of the computer can be considered reasonable if it is between the temperature of 39 to 49 degrees Celsius in a moderate state of not running massive programs.

And if in a state of being running massive programs such as games, it will be at a temperature range of 60 a degree Celsius.
However, if the temperature of the computer processor at the time of not running a heavy program or application already in the temperature range of 60 degrees Celsius, then we can conclude that there is something problem with our computer processor.

For that I will describe some things that can cause the CPU or computer processor heat (exceeding the normal limit) namely:

Reasons why Your CPU or Processor Overheating / Heat UpReasons why Your CPU or Processor is Overheating

1. Computer Viruses and malware

This is the most frequent thing that causes the computer processor to heat up. Viruses that can cause the heat of this processor is usually a software that has an extension. Exe so that many people do not realize that this file is a virus. When this software is run, there will be a lot of software that runs simultaneously on your computer. And this will result in a massive processor performance, which will then cause the processor to become hot.

2. Improved processor performance (overlocking)

Improved processor performance will significantly affect the temperature of the processor, as the processor or CPU will be forced to emit more production and will culminate in the heat of the temperature processor.

3.24 Hours Nonstop Computer use

It can also cause a hot computer processor, but which causes the Heat processor here is the use of heavy applications for 24 hours without stopping. This is really at risk of making the computer processor hot.

4. Running Heavy Applications

This is closely related to the cause of the Heat processor number 4 and is also very risky to make heat the temperature of the processor. When you run a heavy application, the app needs a fast processor and memory performance so it can significantly make your processor hot.

5. The thermal paste on the processor is dry

This Pasta serves to absorb heat from the processor and distribute the heat to the fan or fan processor. The thing that makes thermal pasta drying is age, usually thermal Pasta aged approximately 3 years. When the thermal paste processor dries, then the processor temperature will be faster heat.

6. Clogged Fan processor

The resulting fan above procesor will not cause the heat distribution of the processor. Usually, the fan processor is clogged by dust but is not closed, may be obstructed by other objects, so often – often clean your computer’s fan processor so that it is not blocked.

7. Use of additional hardware that does not conform to the processor

Processor inconsistency with new or other equipment can also cause the temperature of the processor to become hot.

8. Excessive Multitasking

The meaning here is the use of many applications at the same time, which will make the processor performance to be heavy so that the temperature of the processor will heat.

What is caused by the Heat processor or CPU

1. That is obvious if the processor is hot, then the computer performance will be prolonged.
2. When the temperature of the temperature processor exceeds the normal limit, the computer will shut down suddenly.
3. The computer will restart itself because the processor was overheating.
4. If the processor is hot, then it can also cause other components on the computer burned.

Precautionary measures for processor or CPU, not hot fast

1. Don’t use the app too much at the same time, and use it as needed.
2. Use the application that suits your computer.
3. Use the hardware that suits your computer
4. If you are using a computer for 12 hours or more, turn your computer off for a moment.
5. Clean and check your computer’s Thermal pasta processor regularly.

That’s a little discussion of me regarding the cause of processor or CPU fast heat. We apologize if there is a mistake or a deficiency in the material discussed above because of we still in the learning phase. Please leave your comments on the comment form below, because I am delighted to receive criticism and advice from you.
Thank you for visiting and hopefully helpful.

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