How to use RDP in Windows 10

How to use Remote Dekstop Protocol in Windows 10
How to use Remote Dekstop Protocol in Windows 10

How to use RDP in Windows 10 – Not many people know how to use Remote Desktop (RDP) in Windows 10.

Never mind using, most still do not understand what RDP is. May include you too?

RDP stands for the Remote Desktop Protocol. A feature serves to run a virtual computer.

What does it mean? Let us discuss further first:

What is RDP?

Understanding Remote Dekstop Protocol / Remote Desktop Connection (RDP).

This RDP serves to connect a server computer and then run it virtually on our computer.

For Example :

  • You have 1 computer and 1 laptop.
  • You use the computer but at the same time want to run the laptop as well.
  • then connected the computer to a laptop using an Internet connection through the RDP feature.
  • Later laptop system will appear and can be run virtually on my computer
Laptops and computers connected using RDP
Laptops and computers connected using RDP

Well, this is just an example scheme. The computers that will be connected later are specialized that have their dedicated servers.

Here are the RDP functions:

  • To run a specific application
  • To run a file or meet the needs of a computer that has high Internet access
  • For browsing as usual
  • And others

The souvenirs are more to Internet use. Because RDP’s average server has a connection speed of at least 100Mbps and can reach 1Gbps even more.

How to use RDP in Windows 10

Remote Desktop Protocol Windows 10
Remote Desktop Protocol Windows 10

Here I would like to explain how to use RDP specifically for Windows 10 users (due to my coincidence too).

This RDP in Windows 10 includes the built-in features. It can be opened and executed as needed, with optional notes having a minimal update version of Creators Update (version 1709) for us as a client.

Using RDP is very simple:

  • In the Windows search field, please type Remote Desktop then open as usual. Or can also press Windows key + R > type mstsc.exe, then click OK.
    How to open RDP in Windows 10
Win + RUN Type mstsc.exe
Win + RUN Type mstsc.exe
  • Next, make sure the IP RDP is logged before. Enter the IP address in the Computer column already provided by default.
    Connect RDP
Enter IP Adress from your RDP
Enter IP Adress from your RDP
  • Click the Connect button, then wait until the system is connected to Remote desktop
Click Connect To Remote Dekstop Protocol
Click Connect To Remote Dekstop Protocol

Note: Make sure that your computer’s Internet connection is connected correctly. If not, then the connection process will even occur error.

Explanation of settings in menu-Remote Dekstop Connection

The steps described earlier are necessary only. Because we can also change some default settings as you wish. Here’s how in the RDP main window, click Show Options.

If you confuse anything to be setting, here are some that can be used as references.

Display settings:

Set up the rdp
Windows 10 RDP Settings

The display here serves to enlarge the screen (or font) contained in RDP. In the Display Configuration column, you can set the resolution of RDP.

The color column does not need to be changed. Leave the default settings (32-bit).

Local Resources:

Windows 10 Desktop Remote Setting - Local Resource
Windows 10 Desktop Local Resource Setting

In short Local Resources is a window that is used to set some RDP drivers. Especially audio, keyboard, or printer (if any).

Most importantly, here, Audio. Click on Settings in the Remote Audio field than on the check-in the Playback column, select Play on this computer.


Windows 10 Desktop Experience Setting
Windows 10 Desktop Experience Setting

This is mainly in the Performance tab. The Tab serves to detect and customize the computer while it is connected to RDP.

The effect itself exists in image quality up to the performance of RDP when running. Select Automatically.


Advanced RDP Settings Windows 10
Advanced RDP Settings Windows 10

Tend to security settings. No need to change my suggestion.

Where can we get RDP?

Resolve RDP errors can not connect
Resolve RDP errors can not connect

RDP is an Active server and can be connected at any time. RDP itself is mostly we want to use, and then we have to take out a budget for a specific duration of use.

There are 7 days, 14 days, 1 month or maybe one year also there, obviously, at different prices.

But not all RDP is paid. If it’s smart, there’s only a free RDP can be found on the Internet. Try looking for it.

How to Resolve or Fix RDP errors can not connect

Resolve RDP errors can not connect
Resolve RDP errors can not connect

How about when the RDP connection process is an error? Well, some solutions can be tried to overcome it.

1. Check your Internet connection

RDP pairing requires an Internet connection, either us as a client or a server as the host. Make sure the connection is stable to use so that when RDP is used is not interrupted unexpectedly.

How to try to click Windows key + R > type CMD > Click OK > then type the command “ping” and check the result. Make sure the ping ranges from 50-80ms (max), and there is no timed out message.

2. Disable Firewall

Windows Firewall can make computer connections with RDP become compromised. In the Windows 10 search field, type Windows Firewall and then open it.

Next click Properties in the right menu > Then on Domain, Private, Public Profile, set the Firewall State setting from On to Off. If it has been tested, reconnect the RDP.

3. Ensure that your intended computer is not problematic

If you can’t, there’s also the chance that your computer is in trouble. Whether it’s an error or the connection is not connected.

This can sometimes happen. The solution tries to contact Customer Service from the RDP provider for further checking. That’s the discussion on how to use RDP (Remote Dekstop) in Windows 10.

A feature that is not much known. However, for some people, this feature is one that is pretty much used and needed.

The explanation here is just an essential guide. Please adjust it yourself if it is necessary.

That’s How to use RDP in Windows 10 by Algorithm Computer, share this article if useful.

Hopefully useful.

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