How to Uninstall Chromium On Windows 10

How to Uninstall Chromium On Windows 10
How to Uninstall Chromium On Windows 10

How to Uninstall Chromium On Windows 10 – I’ve uninstalled Chromium devices, but the Chromium browser remains not yet lost.

There are 2 easy ways to remove Chromium browser:

  • First, remove the Chromium program through the Windows Uninstall feature.
  • Next, remove the Chromium program through the IObit Uninstaller app.

I will explain the 2 solutions through the discussion below. Read this tutorial to completion.

What is Chromium?

Before proceed to the main discussion, first, know what Chromium is.

Chromium is a project of the development of a browser that can run on a multi-platform basis and has an open-source base.

Well, Chromium itself is not a virus. Yup, basically so.

It’s just that, since it’s developed open-source, there are some versions of Chromium that have Malware inadvertently in it.

For sure, in Chromium, where there is a virus, it is not the official version of Chromium.

This is the reason why many people want to uninstall Chromium (which is unofficial) of their computer.

How to remove Chromium through Uninstall feature of Windows
For you, whose computer system is affected by malware virus effects from Chromium, it is better to uninstall to clean directly.

Here’s how to remove Chromium through the Windows Uninstall feature.

Step 1: Click Start and select the Control Panel menu.

Start Control Panel
Start Control Panel

In this tutorial, I used Windows 10. For other versions of Windows, not much different. Please adjust it only.

Step 2: Wait a few seconds until you get into the Control page Panel/Programs/Programs and Features.

Control Panel to Programs to Programs and to Features.
Control Panel/Programs/Programs and to Features.

Step 3: Find and click the Chromium app. Next, click Uninstall.

Right Click > Uninstall Chromium Control Panel
Right Click > Uninstall Chromium Control Panel

Step 4: When the Uninstall Chromium pop-up appears below screenshot shown. Just check the box “Also delete your browsing data?”. Then, click Uninstall.

Click Uninstall Chromium
Click Uninstall Chromium

If the message appears and you tick the option “Also Delete your browsing data,” then all browsing data will be lost.


Uninstall Chromium through the uninstall feature of Windows sometimes not Effective. That is, there are still malware files left.

For more information, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open Windows Explorer First
  2. In the top menu > Click on Tools > Folder Options > enable Show Hidden Folder
  3. Next, go to C:User/Username/App Data/Local
  4. Then go to search the Chromium folder
  5. Right-click the Chromium folder and click Delete

Well, now Chromium is erased. For better please restart the computer so that the results are more effect.

Note: If there is an error message in the process of uninstalling Chromium, try clicking Ctrl + Alt + Del > Open the Process > tab and then End Task in the Chromium application. An example like this:

Task Manager Chromium - End Task
Task Manager Chromium – End Task

How to remove Chromium that can’t be removed

For this tutorial, I used IObit Uninstaller.

This application serves to Remove Programs installed in Windows until clean up to its roots.

Suitable for removing Chromium that cannot be removed. Or who want to eliminate Chromium until completely clean.

Please install IObit Uninstaller First (free). Can be obtained through the official website directly.

If you have already installed, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the IObit Uninstaller app.

Step 2: Once the IObit Uninstaller home page is open, look for a Chromium Software.

Search Chromium On Iobit Uninstaller
Search Chromium On Iobit Uninstaller

Note: Make sure you are on the Programs menu > > All Programs > > Uninstall an unnecessary program to free up more space. In my IObit Uninstaller app, the Chromium position is in the bottom-most order.

Step 3: Click the Chromium app. Next, click Uninstall.

Click Chromium To Uninstall
Click Chromium To Uninstall

Step 4: At this stage, the IObit Uninstaller system will give you the option to create a restore point and delete the residual files. Just choose it for your needs.

IObit Restore Point Or Residual File
IObit Restore Point Or Residual File


  1. A Restore point is a condition in which IObit creates a backup system file before performing Chromium removal. So, for example, later error can be restored as before.
  2. The residual file means data stored, but its position is not active because the primary data has been erased — for example, registry, cache, and the like.

Step 5: Wait until the Chromium application removal process is complete.

Process Uninstalling Chromium
Process Uninstalling Chromium

Note: If there is a pop-up message as below screenshot shown:

Deleting Chromium Pop up
Deleting Chromium Pop up

Tick the checkbox and click Uninstall. After that, wait until IObit completes the removal of all residual files from Chromium.


IObit Uninstaller can be used for all versions of Windows. Like:

Windows Version XP, Windows Version Vista, Windows Version 7, Windows Version 8, Windows Version 8.1, Windows Version  10

Permanently install it just as usual. Then open it.

Does deleting Chromium get rid of Malware?

The question is, more precisely, whether deleting Chromium can eliminate the real virus?

Well, it should be. With the virus record still not spread to the system. Because if it already, then you should do the scanning again using Antivirus. Examples include:

  • Avast
  • Bitdefender
  • Windows Defender
  • And other similar

End of Word

That’s How to Uninstall Chromium On Windows 10 by Algorithm Computer, share this article if useful.

Hopefully useful.

Another story if you install this app from the crack license.

Two ways to remove Chromium was enough. They are clean and missing from the system.

Hopefully useful.

Essentially, after Chromium deleted > do a re-scan, the virus contains in the system will be lost.

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