How To Reset The Computer Motherboard BIOS


How to Reset the computer Motherboard BIOS – is one of the necessary steps that are often done in the computer repair process. Although I’m sure most readers of this Catatanteknisi blog know how to reset the correct computer BIOS, GA no harm I write back in the record this time.

Although it looks trivial, the wrong BIOS reset step can cause the BIOS or other motherboard components to malfunction, at least that’s what I’ve ever experienced.

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Before proceeding to the computer Motherboard BIOS Reset stage, perhaps no one does not know about the sense of the BIOS and its functions in computer systems.


The BIOS is short for the Basic Input Output System, which is simply a program contained in a Flash Memory made from CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor), which is tasked to regulate the basic functioning of a computer hardware device.

In more detail, the BIOS functions include:

  • Recognizing hardware installed on a computer’s motherboard, such as hard disk and memory capacity installed
  • Initializing when the computer is powered On is known as Power On Self Test (POST)
  • Set Basic Computer Configuration such as boot sequence, date, power management, basic settings for other hardware
  • Locate the boot location, and prepare for the operating system to run.

BIOS has long been used in the PC industry and still runs in real mode (real-mode) slow, then the PC designers agreed to replace the BIOS with a better IE EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) derived from the Itanium architecture – Wikipedia


Not far from the Flash Memory BIOS is a battery that is popular with the designation CMOS battery. This battery serves to keep the settings that have been created in the BIOS, including the date settings, not lost or returned to the initial configuration when the computer is turned off.


  1. Make sure the computer is not connected to a power source. This can be done by removing the power cord from the electrical outlet and also unplug the power supply cable (24-pin power cable) from the computer’s motherboard.
  2. Wait a while to ensure the electric current is gone. To expedite the loss of (dispose of) the remaining electrical current on the motherboard, we can press the power button on the computer.
  3. Find the button or jumper that reads CLR CMOS. For this jumper, there is consist of 3 pins and two pins. To clear the CMOS or reset your BIOS, press the reset button. For the type of jumper, three pins, move the position of Jumper to the other side while the type of Jumper 2 pin, then we stay in the second pin, Klo hard to find a standard jumper, use a screwdriver to jumper the pin. The bottom line is for both pins to be connected (short). Allow a few seconds in that position.
  4. After that, move the jumper position back to its original location for the Type 3 pin or unplug the jumper for type 2 pin. Re-enter the motherboard power supply cable. Make sure everything is assembled correctly, then connect your computer to PLN electricity.
  5. Turn the computer back on. If the BIOS reset is successful, then the BIOS settings will return to its original position. And in case of computer damage can not boot, after the BIOS is reset, usually the computer will be able to boot back.
  6. If the BIOS reset does not work, perform the 1-2 step again, and then unplug the BIOS battery and perform the action 3-5 again.
  7. If successful also, repeat the step 1-2, unplug all power supply cables on the motherboard, remove the BIOS battery and Memory (RAM) computer. then, Repeat The steps 3 – 5.
  8. The last step to reset BIOS if the way above has not succeeded also is to re-do steps 1-2, then release all components on the motherboard is Processor, RAM, and other additional cards such as VGA Card. Clean the motherboard again from The dirt and repeat step 3 above. This time, let stand for 30 minutes. Then new repeat the steps 3 – 5.

Thus the steps how to reset the BIOS on the computer motherboard. Good luck…

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