How to Reset Canon Mg2522 for Beginners

How to Reset Canon Mg2522 for Beginners – Canon printers are one of the top brands that users love today. It holds a good position in today’s market when it comes to print quality and efficacy. This printer is versatile and thus can be used as both a professional printer as well as a personal printer. However, as a technical tool, there are a few things users might encounter and get stuck on.

How to Reset Canon Mg2522
How to Reset Canon Mg2522

This reset is usually prompted when you encounter some kind of technical problem working with your printer.  This latest article will share about How to Reset Canon Mg2522 for beginners. So, the problem can be cured many times by simply resetting your printer. While the basic steps and procedure for resetting your printer remain the same for each printer.

Reset Printer Canon Mg2522

The first thing you should know (if you are a new user) is that your Canon Mg2522 printer has a Factory Reset option, which allows you to change the settings to the factory default settings. For this, all that is obligatory is to reconnect the network in your home and perform the complete setup procedure once again. So, how will you get access to this Factory Reset option on your printer?

How to Reset Canon Mg2522 for Beginners?

  • Step 1: The first thing to make sure is that the power of your printer is turned off.
  • Step 2: Then, press the Stop button and the Power button at the same time. Then, release or leave the Stop button, but keep pressing the Power button. Then, press the Sop key twice again, after half a minute your printer display screen will display O.
  • Step 3: Then again you are required to press the Stop button 4 more times and then press the Power button 2 more times. Then in the end you need to press the Power button one more time to turn off your camera. This is essential to complete the reset process.

After this procedure is followed, you are also asked to reset your printer ink cartridges. This is done by unplugging your printer from the power source and also unplugging the USB cable, thus, holding down the power button and then opening the ink cartridge access door. That’s what reviews are about How to Reset Canon Mg2522 for beginners. Hopefully this is useful for all of you.

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