How to Reset BIOS on Computer or Laptop

How to Reset BIOS on Computer or Laptop
How to Reset BIOS on Computer or Laptop

How to Reset BIOS on Computer or Laptop – BIOS is a system window where we can manage many of the settings that the computer needs. For example, if you want to reinstall Windows, definitely the introduction to the BIOS first.

But the number of settings that can be set, the BIOS can sometimes be a source of literary causes damage to the computer (errors).

Fortunately, mistakes in this way can be easily solved by resetting the BIOS configuration that is changed.

To reset/You itself, we do not need to be complicated. Namely by doing a CMOS jumper.

What is CMOS? In short, CMOS is an object that serves to store all BIOS settings. All computer motherboards must have a CMOSnya, from the old output to the latest.

Well, a jumper in question here is a reset method. The way each Motherboard varies, and in this article, I want to give a little picture for most motherboards.

How to Reset the computer BIOS

1. First, shut down the computer. Unplug it from a power outlet, then wait a few minutes (so that the electricity flow is gone).

2. Open computer casing, then unplug the power 24-pin power Supply connected to the Motherboard. After that, wait again for a while.

3. Next, please find the existing pin of the CLR CMOS record. There are usually 2-pin or 3-pin. If 2-pin, please connect both using a screwdriver or similar. While 3-pin, please change the position of the default jumper from the left position > the right (or vice versa).

4. If your Motherboard wears a 3-pin jumper, revert the position to the start again. Then install the 24-pin power removed earlier.

5. Connect your computer to the power outlet, then turn it on.

If the above steps are done correctly, the BIOS position will automatically revert to the default. All the settings you have done will be gone, and usually, problems such as Windows boot can not be lost.

Alternative how to reset BIOS without Clear CMOS

What is the purpose of Clear CMOS? To reset the BIOS, What is the purpose of the Reset? To restore all settings to the beginning. Really right?

If to restore the settings to the beginning, we do not need Clear CMOS also can. The way is a direct reset through Its BIOSnya.

Turn on computer > Enter the BIOS > Then find the menu to set revert to default settings, reset settings, or the like. So later, all settings that have been plotted will disappear.

But this way can only be applied in a computer with BIOS that is still normal. While Clear CMOS, it is usually done when the computer can not boot. Then what if the computer is still Error when Clear CMOS?

Solution if Error is not lost but Clear CMOS

If the BIOS is reset but still not normal, it means the answer is simple. Motherboard BIOS used is already damaged.

Broken here, the meaning is corrupt. It could be because there are consults, affected by physical damage, Motherboard age effect, or it could be that you do the BIOS update but fail.

The solution is only 2. First, do Flashing the BIOS.

The goal is to replace the old BIOS data into the new BIOS. Computer technicians can do this and (usually) require special tools.

Unless your Motherboard type has a dual BIOS feature, you can restore it quickly.

Well, if it has been flash failed, you want to do not want to change the Motherboard. Because if it is damaged, it usually can not be repaired again.

Additional Video How to reset the computer BIOS

If explained only in the form of words must be somewhat difficult to understand.

I want to use it in the form of images, but the Motherboard that I use the new output model. So, also, this Video can explain everything I discussed earlier:

Please watch it entirely. The points I briefly explained are in the first part and the second part. However, on the Video, there is also an addition, by removing the CMOS battery.

Resetting the computer BIOS is not tricky. It just finds the position of the dash that is sometimes somewhat troublesome. Mainly if it is located around the external VGA, then we would not want to have to remove VGAnya first.

By resetting the BIOS, it is expected that the computer problem appears to be lost. I do have the experience, computer problems that no display and do not want to boot can be solved this way.

If you have additional, please send them through the comments field below. Including if you want to ask where the CMOS position on the Motherboard is used (tell the type + brand, let me help you later).

That’s How to Reset BIOS on Computer or Laptop by, share this article if useful.

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