How to Reinstall Windows 10 Easily, Fast and Safe!

How to Reinstall Windows 10 Easily, Fast and Safe
How to Reinstall Windows 10 Easily, Fast and Safe

Windows 10 is a modern operating system and the latest version of the operating system made by Microsoft. If the previous version of Windows is very difficult to re-install because it involves a special tool such as a flash drive or DVD. Today’s modern Windows 10 isn’t like that. Actually, Microsoft has buried a feature so that you can re-install without special tools. Then, how to install Windows 10 Birthday easy, fast, and secure?

#How to Reinstall Windows 10 Easily, Fast and Safe!

1. Using the Reset this PC feature

Using the Reset this PC feature

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Windows 10 actually already has a feature to reinstall named “Reset this PC“. How open is open Start and type “reset” and press enter? Then, click “Get started”.

Using the Reset this PC feature-2

Next, there are 2 options that you can choose from.

  1. Keep my files: This option will not delete your personal files such as documents, pictures, videos, music, and others. Deleted only installed applications and Windows settings such as wallpaper, account settings, and others.
  2. Remove everything: This option will delete all files on your computer without exception.

For maximum results, you can select the option “Remove everything“. This option ensures that the computer will run like the first time. Before selecting the option, of course, you can backup your own files. Option “Keep my files” is that you do not have to bother with backups. But my advice is to keep any of your data backup options you choose. I will explain the two options below.

2. Selecting the “Keep my files” option

Selecting the “Keep my files” option

After you click “Keep my files“, Windows will tell what will be done. You can also see what applications will be deleted by clicking the “List of apps to be removed“.

Selecting the “Keep my files” option

As shown above, will appear throughout the application to be erased. If so, click “Back“. If you are sure, click “Reset“. The computer will restart by itself and had to do was wait.

3. Choosing the “Remove everything” option

Choosing the Remove everything option

After clicking “Remove everything”, you will be treated to the current settings on your options. By default, Windows will normally delete your files. Because you just reinstall it, you can click “Next” only.

Choosing the Remove everything option-2

If you plan to sell your computer, you can click on “Change settings“. Then, slide the option to “On”. This option ensures the files in your computer can not be recovered. This option will take longer. If so, click “Confirm”. Then Windows will tell you reset the settings again. Just click “Next”.

Choosing the Remove everything option-3

Lastly, Windows will confirm again what do Windows. If you are sure of all of this, click “Reset“. The computer will restart automatically. Right now, all you can do is wait.

It’s very easy, isn’t it the way to reinstall Windows 10?

Unlike previous versions of Windows which required you to use a DVD or flash disk, Windows 10 offers a fast and secure way. So, is anyone still confused? What do you think about this reset feature? Come on, give your comments below.

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