How to Record Screen with Microsoft PowerPoint

How to Record Screen with Microsoft PowerPoint

How to Record Screen with Microsoft PowerPoint – If you are a YouTuber who often create tutorial videos on Youtube channel, of course, you need an application to learn all the tutorials that you are working on. There are many ways that you can use to do so. One way is to rotate the laptop screen in the form of a video with PowerPoint.

How to Record Laptop Screens Using Microsoft PowerPoint

Application made by Microsoft to create this presentation document, it can also be used to record a laptop screen. Here’s how to use it as a laptop screen recorder.

Open the Microsoft PowerPoint Office application on your laptop and select the Insert menu at the top of the ribbon menu. Then at the far right of the insert menu, choose the Screen Recording menu.


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When you select the Screen Recording button, the Microsoft PowerPoint Office window display on your laptop will automatically be minimized. And after that, a new toolbar will appear at the top of your laptop screen. Before you do the recording, you can customize the laptop screen area you want to record by selecting the select menu areas on the toolbar.

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In adjusting the area, you want to record on the laptop screen. You only need to drag the part of the screen you want. You can also choose to see the cursor to be displayed or hidden. And at this stage, the voice over feature also automatically turns on. When all settings been adjusted, you can immediately start the recording process by selecting the red round button on the toolbar.


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When you press the record button, a countdown display will appear on the Microsoft PowerPoint screen. To end the recording process in progress, you can use the keyboard shortcut by pressing Win + Shift + Q.

After the recording process is complete, your recorded video will be automatically added to the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation document.

Then you can move the recorded video directly by exporting it to disk.

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How to Export The Video recording Microsoft PowerPoint Office.

Right-click on the recorded video screen and select the Save media as menu.


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Then choose a place to save file on your laptop, then click save.


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Videos recorded using Microsoft PowerPoint can be played in various video player applications. The file format of this recorded video is in the form of an MP4 file, which we know that this type of video file can be easily played in many video player applications.

You can also edit recorded video results with a variety of tools available in Microsoft PowerPoint Office. Like adding the text you want in the recorded video, displaying transition effects, and trimming or trimming the video.

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