√ How To Prevent & Remove Viruses, Malware And Trojans Windows 10

How To Prevent & Remove Viruses, Malware And Trojans Windows 10

How To Prevent & Remove Viruses, Malware And Trojans Windows 10 – Some people will usually immediately reinstall when they realize that their laptop has a virus. But if true, it MUST reinstall if it has been exposed to the virus?

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The answer, of course not!

Actually there are other alternatives that can be done in the face of the virus that has already active on a Windows OS. (PCs and laptops)

One of the most common and well-known alternative ways, by scanning for third-party Antivirus, in the hope that the Antivirus will be able to clean it.

But whether relying on Antivirus alone is enough ???

Therefore, the actual Antivirus (for me) is more suitable for use as a precaution in detecting which files are categorized harm Operating System.

So when there is a new file downloaded when browsing, it can be easily detected in advance by antivirus software that is installed and on guard.

How To Prevent Viruses, Malware And Trojans In Windows 10

It is better if you take precautions than to remove a virus. Because if it has been, the search process, as well as remove the virus that is active, is quite tricky.

Because a virus program these days is smart enough, in manipulating antivirus algorithms. (especially if it’s never updated)

Below I will give a list and brief description of the procedure for the prevention of computer viruses.

1. Do not often plug/unplug the USB Flashdisk

Be careful when pulling and plugging in a USB Flashdisk storage. Therefore, the most significant risk in the possibility of a virus can move is through the USB storage media. (Can be a flash, hard drives, CD / DVD, etc.)

My advice, first scan the flash before opening it through File Manager / Explorer.

After scanning is complete, then you must open the folder/drive.

Indeed troublesome enough, but it was better for the security of an OS.

It can be done, it may or may not. The choice is yours.

2. Don’t download files carelessly on the internet

It would be nice if you didn’t install the program carelessly downloaded via the internet.

Because usually, some sneaky websites provide a software link, but in fact, it turns out to be a mockery of advertisements everywhere. (Virus Ads)

It’s better if it’s just an ad virus. Even more dangerous if the virus that you get is a trojan or other strong malware. Indeed, it will be even more difficult to handle than an ad virus.

3. Don’t install .exe files carelessly

Note: really, what software is being / will you install.

Read carefully the explanation that arises when doing the installation. DO NOT originate next, finish, yes, ok.

Understand About Computer Viruses Although Slightly

Continue to increase your knowledge of computer viruses that are currently growing and becoming more and more different types.

4. Understanding how a virus works, how it can spread, and more.

Repair the laptop affected by a virus, without reinstalling
As per the title above, here I will try to explain how to deal with a PC / Laptop that has already been infected with a virus but does not have to do a reinstall.

Simply do a few tips below, then the computers that you use will be free from viruses.

1. Update antivirus software, and then perform the scan

The first thing you need to do is to update the antivirus database first, then proceed to do a full scan on all existing partitions. (C, D, E, F, etc.)

Using free Antivirus is also not a problem. I recommend using Avast Free only.

OR, if you are using Windows 10, Windows Defender full scanning using the default will suffice. (Do not forget to do the update in advance)

2. Scanning through safe mode

If the scan in normal mode does not go well, then the next thing you can try is full scanning through safe mode.

If you do not already know, are the default safe mode Windows OS that allows the OS to boot into safe mode.

Safe mode, what I mean here is when the OS turned on / boot, and then the process is running only a critical component of Windows OS only.

So all services and additional components that have been installed by the user will not be run. This also applies to viruses that are residing in a laptop.

The virus will also be OFF if safe mode is turned ON at boot time.

So this virus will not be “active” when there is (Antivirus)

Meanwhile, to enter safe mode, just do the restart as usual, but when the laptop brand logo comes out, IMMEDIATELY press the F8 key several times until the choice of safe mode appears.

Select SAFE MODE, then ENTER!

3. There are no additional …

So far, no other thing I can add in my laptop exposed to the virus without having to reinstall.

In dealing with computers/laptops affected by viruses, do not have to rely solely on reinstalling the OS. Better to do simple first stage, for example, normal scanning, scanning safe mode, etc.

But if you want to get maximum results and clean, certainly the last alternative is unavoidably having to Clean Install. (Re-install/ Reset Device)

Remember, the points I wrote above are my own opinions. So it’s only natural if there are things that don’t fit/agree with those of you who were reading this article.

That’s the article on How To Prevent & Remove Viruses, Malware And Trojans Windows 10. Hopefully, the information I wrote through the article above can be useful for those of you who read it.


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