How to Live Streaming in Tiktok App IOS & Android Version

Live Streaming Tiktok
How to Live Streaming in Tiktok App IOS & Android Version

How to Live Streaming in Tiktok App IOS & Android Version –  Live Streaming on TikTok is similar to live streams on Facebook or Instagram pages. This feature is not available when TikTok does not make a major overhaul and is still called However, after its tremendous popularity, TikTok gained the attention of high investment. Since its inception in 2014, TikTok has accumulated a user base of more than 200 million users.

Apart from improved video sharing apps, TikTok has its own online identity. The application restricts you to record videos up to the 1-minute mark. It enhances user engagement and helps viewers to absorb one truck full of video content without draining their concentration levels.

These limits also help creators save time and compete in the same proportion as others. There are some of the essential elements that force China to remove for 1 billion US dollars and increase its functionality.

From adding text to your TikTok Video to slow it down, Bytedance has taken a big step to improve the app’s features. Ok, go to the following steps to live stream in TikTok:

How to Live Streaming in Tiktok App IOS & Android Version

Unfortunately, unlike other social media platforms, not all TikTok users are allowed to start live Video on the platform. I do not know why TikTok enforces this condition, but it is possible to prevent spam and copyright infringement.

We often see on Facebook that users whose accounts are prohibited from streaming copyrighted content create new accounts and continue to violate the terms of use of Facebook. That’s why TikTok only has trusted users with its live streaming feature that already has at least 1,000 followers on its platform. But it should be recalled that the provisions of this number of followers may differ in each country

Live streaming steps in TikTok

  1. First of all, open the TikTok app.
  2. Now Press the Plus button (+) available at the bottom of screen.
  3. As soon as the app open its video screen, press the Live button available next to the recording button.
  4. It’s time to add a compelling title to your live stream. Make sure you select some unique word words that can attract the attention of an online audience. Make sure not to choose specific words. Otherwise, your Video will be censored.
  5. Now press the “Go Live ” button, and your stream will start immediately.

Some people also complain that they can not find the Go Live feature in the Tik Tok app. Good! If this happens with you too, read these details below:

Note that the Go Live feature is currently in the testing phase; Therefore, it is not available to all users. To use this feature, it is crucial to use the latest version of the TikTok application.
Users lately are restricted to using words that are banned for their live videos. This list includes BFF, follow, fan, duet, donation and Drama queen, etc. It is better to use a few words alternately to make videos.
Supposing you cannot see the Live button on the screen; Your device performs some audio recording because the Live option disappears during the record. No need to go to any song other than you have to press the Plus + button is available on the bottom of the screen, and immediately the video button will appear on the screen, next to this button; You’ll also find the option to Go Live.
Some rumors say that the Tik Tok app allows only users who have 1000 fans to live instantly; However, the report says that this number continues to vary in different countries.

Conclusion: thus, all the important information about the Go Live feature of the TikTok application. This is another interesting things to do online, but make sure you have an newer version of the app to start creating live streaming using TikTok. Prefer to use some interesting captions for your Live Video so it can capture more attention online.

That’s How to Live Streaming in Tiktok App IOS & Android Version by Algorithm Computer, share this article if useful.

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