√ How to Install Microsoft SQL Server Easily (Completed)

How to Install Microsoft SQL Server Easily (Completed)
How to Install Microsoft SQL Server Easily (Completed)

How to Install Microsoft SQL Server Easily (Completed) – What is SQL Server? How do I install SQL Server? For people who every day are always in touch with the world of databases would not be familiar with the terms of this one—application of this one being used to facilitate human work and also provide security to the data. SQL stands for Structured Query language.

Reading the length of SQL Server, you might already have a picture that this application is a program that is used to run various commands related to databases. SQL Server has embedded some special instructions where we just need to enter the appropriate guidelines so that the program can run the commands as you want.

SQL Server function

As we have explained that the functionality of SQL Server is a program that runs a variety of commands associated with the database. SQL Server is a standard database programming language that has rational data management, so don’t be surprised if almost all server hosts mostly use SQL compared to other programs.

How to Install Microsoft SQL Server

1. First, you need to download the installer SQL Server. Here I am still using SQL Server 2017 Developer version. Besides being free, the features are also quite complete. Download SQL Server 2017 Developer Edition via this link.
2. At the beginning of the installation window, select Custom.

How to Install SQL Server_1

3. For the installation location, leave the default, then select Install.

How to Install SQL Server_2

4. SQL Server will download some packages and the required files. This process requires an internet connection and a little longer as well as data that were downloaded more than 1GB. Therefore, it is advisable to connect to a WiFi network.

How to Install SQL Server_3

5. If the downloading process is completed. Go to folder C:\SQL2017\Developer_ENU , next to Double Click SETUP.

How to Install SQL Server_4

6. Then select the Installation option on the left.

How to Install SQL Server_5

7. Then choose the option that is marked with a red box.

How to Install SQL Server_6

8. Select Developer.

How to Install SQL Server_7

9. Check the option I accept the license terms and then choose Next.

How to Install SQL Server_8

10. Select Next again.

How to Install SQL Server_9

11. Make sure that no rule failed. If the warning is still not a problem. Advanced select Next.

How to Install SQL Server_10

12. Check the Database Engine Services and then select Next.

How to Install SQL Server_11

13. Give a name to your SQL Server. Then select Next.

How to Install SQL Server_12

14. Select Next again.

How to Install SQL Server_13

15. Select Mixed Mode and give the password that is powerful yet easy to remember. Select Add Current User and then select Next.

How to Install SQL Server_14

16. Next select Install.

How to Install SQL Server_15

17. Wait for the installation to complete.

How to Install SQL Server_16

18. Make sure that no feature errors in the status column. If you get a notification like this, select OK.

How to Install SQL Server_17

19. Installing SQL Server successfully.

How to Install SQL Server_18

Basic commands SQL Server

Each database program certainly has virtually command. Actually for each basic command itself is not much different between programs or applications. It’s just that the difference may be the steps or names of the program icons themselves, so we sometimes need to adapt a little when using other database programs.

Even so, while you already know about the command base. We are sure you will not experience difficulties when using SQL Server or other database applications.

1. Create

The basic commands you can use to create a table or a new database. Writing his query is the same. It’s just possible that the difference is the understanding of each program. You need to know that the Create command is used more often by database administrators and will rarely appear on the website.

2. Read / Select

Its function is to select and display the data that exist now. When we use the command Select, then usually that will emerge is a table by the most up to date. This command is a command that can be used by all users.

3. Insert

This command is used to add or enter new data in the table that has previously been created. This command will normally be implemented in the form of the registration form and the form of another form. This command can also be used by all users, not limited to only the administrator user.

4. Update

The update command is used to change existing data that would normally be implemented in the form of pop-ups or form. The update also will usually be supported by the Select command so that you will be much easier when you want to update the data.

5. Delete

The Delete command may already know its function to delete data permanently. Delete command can also be used by all users even though it can be set to be used by the Administrator only.

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