How to Increase Speed Up Downloads on IDM up to 30Mbps

How to Increase Speed Up Downloads on IDM up to 30Mbps

How to Speed Up to 30 Mbps Internet Download Manager Download – Are you the one who always takes advantage of applications users IDM (Internet Download Manager) when you want to perform the download various types of files from the internet? Besides, to ease of use and download speeds are much faster than downloading using the default browser. However, some users often complain because their download process with the IDM application feels slow and very slow. Therefore, to resolve this issue, you need to know how to speed up the download process with IDM.

Now also has a lot of ways that can be done to optimize the performance of the IDM to perform faster downloads, such as using the help of Cheat Engine, IDM Optimizer to CMD, and other programs.

Besides that, you need to know if actually, this IDM application is also one of the best downloader applications that are most widely used by Windows PC and Laptop users until now. Moreover, this application does have a faster download speed compared to download manager applications in general, although it is classified the fastest downloader application on PCs and Laptops, there are still some users who feel that the download speed using IDM feels slow and often gets stuck.\

Although many factors affect the download speed becomes very slow, for example, connections from very far servers, there are limits on the maximum download speed, or indeed the internet network that we use is experiencing interference (down).

Even so, you can still maximize IDM performance so that it has a maximum download speed of even 100x, so on this occasion, I will give you some tips and ways to speed up IDM downloads to 30 Mbps or more with CMD, Cheat Engine and other program assistance…

How to Speed Up to 30 Mbps Internet Download Manager Download


IDM settings in Windows

For the first way, it is quite easy and simple, because you do not need additional applications and programs to make these settings. After all, you only need to set the Internet Download Manager application that is already installed on the Windows PC or laptop used.

  1. In the first step, please open the IDM (Internet Download Manager) application first.
  2. Then select the “Download” menu and click the “Options” option.

    How to speed up IDM in Windows

  3. Next will appear a new settings window, select the “Connection” menu again.
  4. Then pay attention and change the option “Connection Type / Speed” to “High Speed: Direct Connection (Ethernet / Cable) / Wifi / Mobile 4G / Other” then just click OK.
  5. Now, please try to do a download speed test on IDM, if the download speed still feels slow, try using the next method.


Setting the IDM on Speed Limiter

Then next to how to optimize the download speed on the IDM application is fairly easy, because we will only utilize the features in the setting named “Speed Limiter”, with this feature you can filter the minimum speed into any number even up to 30Mbps or 100X fold with its default settings.

  1. First, please open the IDM application that you have installed on Windows, both Windows 10, 8, and 7.
  2. Then please download whatever file you want.
  3. Then when the download is running, a new window will appear regarding the download file information.
  4. Then please click on the “Speed Limited” menu and check the “Use Speed Limiter” option.

    Settings Download Speed Up to 30Mbps at IDM

  5. If you have, then fill the existing column with numbers (30,000) or the equivalent speed of 30Mbps.
  6. Now you check and see the download speed, whether it is maximum as targeted or still slow and slow.


Setting IDM Optimizer

The last way we can try to speed up IDM downloads up to 30Mbps or more is to use an additional application called “IDM Optimizer“, this method is suitable for those of you who are lazy to do the settings like the two previous ways.

  1. First, please download the IDM Optimizer application (here).
  2. Then install the application as usual on the computer that will be used.
  3. After that, run the IDM Optimizer application by “Run As Administrator“.
  4. When the application opens, click on the button “OptimizeIDM“.

    Speeding Connection Download on IDM

  5. If the message reads “Optimization of IDM was Success,” then you can test the download speed in IDM.

    Settings IDM for Faster To Download

  6. Done

That’s How to Increase Speed Up Downloads on IDM up to 30Mbps by Algorithm Computer, share this article if very useful.


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