How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows Easily

How to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows

How to Fix High RAM & CPU Usage in Windows 10 – CPU (Central Processing Unit) is an important component of a computer device. The function of the CPU in the process of all incoming data, which will then be re-processed to run on a computer or laptop device. Because of its very important function, the CPU referred to as a computer. Without the presence of the CPU, the computer will not be able to run.

Its function as the brains of the computer, the CPU also has its limitations. CPU Performance will run faster than we access several applications in a computer device at the same time (multitasking), which results in the CPU being unable to run these programs and making the CPU unable to run properly or hang.

Cause CPU Usage reaches 100% in Windows

CPU usage that reaches 100% is due to the number of default system requests and additional systems that will run simultaneously, which makes the CPU work very slowly. Percentage CPU normally runs from 5% to 30% without any other programs that are running, but if it is 95% and even up to 100% without any applications running in the computer must be followed up.

If you turn on your computer and then look at the performance of the CPU and the system defaults or default Windows program takes quite a lot of CPU and makes the CPU soared to 100%, you should do how to cope with 100% CPU usage below.

How To Fix High CPU Usage in Windows?

Most of the problems CPU usage 100 while playing the game and run the program more weight. But some cases experienced high CPU usage to 100% when on their computers run applications that are not much, and there are no heavy programs. And because of that here, we will discuss how to overcome high CPU usage up to 100% to make the computer slow down and not respond.

1. Remove Useless Antivirus

Remove Useless Antivirus - How To Fix High CPU Usage

If you have a lot of antivirus on your computer, delete the antivirus. Because one antivirus alone is enough to protect the computer from computer virus attacks.

Antivirus at his baserunning in the background when the computer starts the computer is on. So you can imagine if there are many antiviruses on a computer, it can even result in excessive CPU work and make the CPU performance decreases.

2. Scan with Antivirus

Scan with Antivirus - How To Fix High CPU Usage

After the above explained that too many antiviruses make CPU 100%, at number two, we will enable the antivirus. The virus also one of the causes of computer CPUsoared to 100% for almost all the viruses contained in the computer works for consuming the performance of the CPU.

Do a scan on the computer regularly to avoid unwanted things on the computer. However, do not carelessly choose antivirus software for computers. You can install antivirus software such as AVG Antivirus, Avast! Free Antivirus and BitDefender Free Antivirus. Because of the existing three antivirus auto-scan feature, so it is quite easy and practical to use.

3. Turn Off the Computer

Like humans, the computer also needs a rest then turn off the computer for a while. Because the computer is used in a very long time and no shutdown or shut, it makes the performance of the CPU is not normal.

4. Utility Program

Use the utility program is one of the most natural methods. How it works like antivirus, but it leads only to check the performance of the CPU.

Please use the High Cpu Usage Professional program Fixer Utility, in the program, and you can find out what causes CPU 100%.

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