How To Easily Open a Blocked Website on Windows

Have you found the Web site can not be accessed or loaded? The error message is usually seen there are 3 that “This site can not be Reached”, “The connection has timed out”, or “404”. Surely we feel annoyed. But, take it easy, because the website can be raised with various tricks. These are various tricks on how to open a Web site that could not be accessed.

1. Checking internet connection

Make sure you’re connected to the Internet. If connected in Wifi, the Wifi icon will appear on your Taskbar. If you click, it will say “Connected”. If it is, you try to start re-access the site. If you still can’t, try accessing another site.

Checking internet connection

If they can not, there is a problem on your internet connection. You can fix them automatically by right-clicking on the icon wifi and click the “Troubleshoot problems” as shown above.

Checking internet connection-2

Then, you will be asked to select a network device to be diagnosed. Just click Wi-Fi and click Next. Wait a while until Windows finds the problem and fixes it. If you still can not, please try another Wi-Fi. If you still can not, please follow this step 2.

Checking internet connection-3

2. Disable and enable Wi-Fi adapter

Disable and enable Wi-Fi adapter

Some Wi-Fi issues can be resolved in a way to disable and re-enable the Wi-Fi adapter. You can do that easily on Windows. The trick is to open Start and type “network connection” and press enter. Then, right-click on the Wi-Fi adapter and click “Disable” as shown above to deactivate. Wait a moment, then right-click again and click “Enable” to reactivate it.

Finally, please select back to the Wi-Fi you are using. If you still can not, please follow the way of all 3, below.

3. Update Wi-Fi driver

If you use it this way, it means you need to update your Wi-Fi drivers. The first thing you should do is find the brand and model of your computer. Since I’m using a laptop, I typed “download driver [brand] [model_laptop]” in Google search. In order to obtain the best results, please download the driver on the official website of the brand of your laptop. For example, my laptop brands are HP, then I download it at

Like the picture above, I can directly download the Wifi driver from the official site. By downloading the official driver, we can be sure your device can certainly work optimally.

When finished downloading the driver, please install by means follow the instructions on your screen. Then, please restart your computer so that the drivers are installed properly. Lastly, please select your Wi-Fi back and try to access the site. Supposedly, you can access the site without any problem.

4. Google Cache

This way you can apply if you have the internet, but there is one site that you can not access. There are many reasons why a certain site cannot be accessed. One is a server error or can not be accessed in certain countries.

By using Google Cache or cache, we can reopen an unloaded website. Google Cache is accessible across all Google search, if you click the down arrow on the address of the website, you can select the “Cache” to access the web from Google’s data as shown above.

Google Cache-2

By clicking Cache, then you will enter the Algoritmcomputer from the Google Cache database. There are way quicker to access Google Cache. Just type “cache:” followed by the website address as shown above.

5. Using the Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a site that records and stores the site regularly. By doing so, you can access a site that although the site is more problematic.

Please open the Wayback Machine site and just type the address of the desired site as shown above. If so, click “Browse History”.

Then, please select the desired date. The date represents the appearance of the site on the date you choose. If you select a date that is very far from the current date, it could be that there is not the same content as what you have seen before.


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