FPS Drop Solutions When Playing Games

FPS Drop Solutions When Playing Games

FPS Drop Solutions When Playing Games – FPS drop or the term suddenly is the least accepted by gamers. That will be very influential in playing and also adding emotions. But you know about the causes of this Drop FPS?

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There are so many causes, and it can not be summed up into one thing. Because this not just referring to the performance of the laptop only, but can also be from the network side, driver, or even the game itself.

Of course, there is a solution to overcome this. All you need do now is be patient & start to doing some of the tips below so that the Drop FPS constraints did not come back again.

FPS Drop Solutions for Games on Laptops

1. Ask the Similar Laptop Communities

These tips are most favored because you can get the right answer about the Drop FPS constraints. So join the community to a laptop with a similar series. An example is the Facebook group.

In these communities, allowing there is someone who has experienced the same problem and is willing to share solutions to overcome them. So the chance of success will be higher than trying everything, but it will not work.

2. Lower the Graphic Setting in the Game

The most common problems that occur on the declining FPS is too high graphics settings. Try to minimize some things like shadow, texture, and others to see the difference.

It would be better if you also lower the resolution of the game. As an example of Full HD to HD. Of course, the difference will be significant, and FPS obtained will be higher than before. Please just try it.

3. Due Laptop Temperature Too Hot

Play games on the laptop are right when he is in-charge, but over time the laptop CPU temperature will start to heat up and cause stuttering or FPS drop. For a gaming laptop, this may not be a problem because it usually has a dual cooling fan, but for a typical notebook certainly need additional cooling equipment.

Buy a Vacuum Cooler tool that serves to inhale the hot temperature inside the laptop. In the Drop in temperature, the device is more like using a cooling pad. And to buy it can be at a computer store or through online stores.

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4. Update GPU Drivers

Updates to the GPU drivers sometimes give rise to performance, so if the GPU causes obstacles FPS drop, then the update to the new version will fix this.

To update, every kind of GPU has a different way. For example, when using NVIDIA GeForce GPUs, it can be done from the Geforce Experiments program.

5. Adjust Power Laptops Become Best Performance

By default, when the laptop, while in-charge, will instantly change the power mode to High Performance. Please check back by pressing the battery icon in the toolbar. And after that, slide to the right (Best Performance).

There is a decrease in CPU power when the power mode is set as the Balanced or Baterry Life. Meanwhile, if set to Best Performance, there will be no more limits, and the CPU can work as much as possible. But this will affect the rising temperature of the laptop.

The average FPS needed to be able to play the game comfortably is 50 and above so that the character’s movements are smooth and smooth. But sometimes someone thinks of the others. For example, they prefer nice game graphics but low FPS, and it includes forcing the device performance.

There is a more powerful solution to overcome FPS Drop, ie overclock. But that is not described above because of the way it was too risky. If you wish to do so, please follow the first solution above, namely asking the community to a similar laptop.

That’s FPS Drop Solutions When Playing Games by AlgoritmComputer.com, share this article if useful.

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