9 Bad Things That Can Damage Your Laptop Faster

9 Bad Things That Can Damage Your Laptop Faster
9 Bad Things That Can Damage Your Laptop Faster

In using an electronic device such as a Laptop, one of the most important is that the Laptop can be used for a long time. You certainly do not want if the Laptop used to work everyday does not last long and is quickly broken. There are a lot of disadvantages that you will experience if the Laptop that is used everyday suddenly becomes damaged and can not be used anymore. For example, you will lose data on the Laptop storage, you have to spend more money to buy a new Laptop as a substitute, and there are many other losses.

Therefore, users of laptops need to avoid things that will shorten the lifespan of the laptops used. Because it is undeniable that the cause of damage to laptops is a bad habit often done by users. So, the reason of a broken Laptop is not always caused by the quality of the Laptop is low. The most common and less conscious cause arises from your habit when using the Laptop.

As a Laptop user who wants to use the Laptop for a long time, then you should know the tips of caring for your Laptop then apply it. Also, you have to pay attention to the treatment given on the Laptop, lest you make bad habits that will make the Laptop become more quickly damaged.

9 Bad Things That Can Damage Your Laptop Faster

One of the main factors of a Laptop having a short lifespan is a quickly broken alias is due to bad habits that are often done by its users. There are many actual treatments not to be done because it will make the Laptop become more quickly damaged. But since these behaviors are already prevalent, it eventually becomes a habit and overlooks its effects. Some bad habits that can ruin a Laptop faster are as follows.

1. Running with a Laptop carrying bag

The first bad habit that would ruin a Laptop is to run with a Laptop in a bag — almost everyone who uses laptops ever or even often makes this bad habit. For example, students who are pursuing lecturers or rushed classes or office workers in a hurry because it is too late.

The main component that will be problematic when you make this bad habit is Hardisk Laptop. It is known together that Hardisk, which uses a disc, is a component that is very sensitive to shocks. Hardisk that always experience shocks can certainly not be a long-aged alias will be quickly damaged. When you run with a Laptop in a bag, the excitement on the hard drive will occur in a row. As a result, in some cases, there are data corrupt there is also full damage to the Hardisk and can not be used anymore.

This habit can not be denied because it is often experienced in emergencies. Therefore, you can take precautionary measures by switching the storage type from HDD to SSD. SSD is a storage medium that does not use a disc, but it is using flash memory. So when you use an SSD as a storage medium on your Laptop, then it does not matter anymore when there is a shock on the Laptop.

2. Put your Laptop in a bag in vain

Bad habits that damage the Laptop and not less often done in addition to running by carrying a Laptop in a bag is to put the bag haphazardly. For some people who have just arrived somewhere with a bag containing laptops, it will usually set the bag immediately without regard to the position of the bag, whether it is inverted or even skewed. Even worse, when throwing a bag that contains the Laptop.

This bad habit will make an impact as in the first bad habits above, which is causing shock. So when you put a bag containing laptops indiscriminately and not careful, then there will be shocks that can damage the health of the Hardisk Laptop. Another bad impact that may occur is the occurrence of a collision on an unconscious Laptop. This collision will damage the Hardisk because of the great shock and can also make a blister on the Laptop case.


3. Mixing laptops with other items in the bag

Bad habits that damage other laptops are still related to the condition when you carry the laptop in a bag. Many people who carry laptops using a bag, then the Laptop will be placed with other objects such as chargers, pens, clocks, paper clips, etc. This habit can be said to have a bad impact because it can cause scratches or abrasions in the case of your Laptop.

The solution you can take is to use a bag that has a dedicated space for Laptop storage, so there’s no need to mix it with other objects. But, if the bag that you use has only one place, then you should use a cover bag or Laptop holster.

4. Using the Laptop on thighs or pillows


Using the Laptop on thighs or pillows
Using the Laptop on thighs or pillows

One of the causes of Laptop damage is very often caused because it is often used with extreme component temperature. The use of laptops with hot temperatures will make the Laptop components are not long-lived, especially on the Laptop battery. Laptops are equipped with fans and air vents that function to deliver hot air to the outside. If the fan and air ventilation on the Laptop works well, then it is certain that the temperature of your Laptop will remain under normal conditions.

Unfortunately, there are bad habits often done by users who make fan performance, and ventilation Laptop is not optimal or even does not work. One of the bad habits that spoil the Laptop is to use a Laptop and make thighs, pillows, mattresses, or other soft objects as a base. The use of such soft objects as a base will fill the bottom of the Laptop, and will eventually cover the air ventilation window.

As a result of an enclosed Laptop ventilation window is the hot air generated by the Laptop components will not be able to be channeled out and just swirling in the Laptop body. In the end, if this condition occurs for a long time, the temperature of the Laptop will increase dramatically. And as said before that the temperature of the extreme Laptop would reduce the age of the Laptop or, in other words, more quickly damaged. So make sure that you use your laptop on a flat, hard surface, like a desk or floor.

5. Using laptops on dirty surfaces

The habit of damaging other laptops and very often happens is to use a Laptop by putting it on the surface of the messy desk. There are a lot of cases where Laptop users work and put the Laptop on a dirty surface, such as a lot of dust, cigarette butts, biscuit flakes, etc. This bad habit will also ruin the Laptop faster as it will damage the fan function and air ventilation on the Laptop.

When you use a Laptop, the fan will emit hot air through the air ventilation of the Laptop, then take fresh air from the outside. If the table surface becomes the base of the Laptop turns dirty and a lot of dust, then the air that enters the Laptop will be contaminated. Consequently, the components contained in the Laptop body will eventually be filled with dust.

Components that will significantly impact the presence of dust are fans and air vents. Dust in excessive laptops will cover the fan and often also covers the edges of the Laptop’s Air ventilation window. This condition will make the performance of both components to keep the Laptop’s temperature cooler eventually not optimal. The final impact of this bad habit will make laptops very hot, not even infrequent overheat, and laptops suddenly die often. So when you want to use a Laptop, make sure to use a base that has a clean surface.

6. Eating snacks on the laptop keyboard


Eating snacks on the laptop keyboard
Eating snacks on the laptop keyboard

Bad habits that damage the Laptop is still related to the cleanliness of the Laptop. A lot of people like to eat snacks, especially when using laptops. One of the most common bad habits is when the mouth is snacking with a chewing position exactly above the Laptop keyboard. This habit will make the dirty, and will even go to the bottom or the sidelines of the keyboard.

If this condition occurs and is often done, it will then invite the ant to arrive. The existence of ants on the Laptop can undoubtedly be a severe threat because these ants can be able to do the rubber-rubber in the components of your Laptop, such as on the keyboard. In the end, the keyboard that has been undermined by ants will suffer damage to some buttons. So, make sure when you are snacking, there is no debris falling into the keyboard Laptop. The safest way is not to chew food over the surface of the Laptop.

7. Unplugging External Components By Shaking

One bad habit of damaging a Laptop and very often done is when plucking external components by force and Shaking. This habit is usually made while it is plugged in an external device such as Flashdisk, external Hardisk, VGA, HDMI, or any other port. Then, when it was to be revoked it was very loud, finally the way it was by shaking the component to the left or right.

This habit can be said to be the most overlooked impact but very often done. When you disconnect an external component by Shaking the device, the port in which it will become loose. If this happens continuously, it will cause external devices such as Flashdisk or external Hardisk to be difficult to read because of the loose ports.

More severe conditions are when the port is no longer able to read an external device due to a very loose port condition and the male and female connectors are no longer able to meet again. So when you want to unplug a hard external device, disconnect it firmly in the straight direction, not to Shaking

8. Wrong order in fixing Charger

Another mistake that often occurs unknowingly is in terms of the installation sequence of Laptop Chargers. For most people, when going to charge the Laptop is not important whether to connect the charger to the terminal first, or to the Laptop first. But this is very important because it will affect the health of your Laptop.

When the Laptop charger when the first is plugged into the terminal, then the resulting power jump will become unstable. If it turns out that the charger has first connected to the Laptop, then automatically the unstable power will directly enter the Motherboard to be processed to the battery. If you do this continuously, it will slowly cause damage to your Laptop Motherboard due to the unstable power. So, so that the power received by the Motherboard is under normal circumstances, make sure that you plug the charger adapter into the terminal first and then plug the charger end into the Laptop.

9. Using Laptop without battery

Bad habits that ruin this Laptop is usually done by gamers, office workers or people who always use laptops for a long time. The reason may be that the Laptop battery used does not experience overcharge. Though the step is wrong because the latest laptop output is already equipped with the feature to avoid the occurrence of overcharge on the battery although the charging continuously.

When you often remove the battery and connect the laptop directly to the electricity using the charger, then you should stop. Instead of maintaining the health of Laptop batteries, this habit will slowly cause damage to your Laptop Motherboard. Laptops that are electrically streamed from the charger directly without the battery will receive sometimes unstable power. Consequently, your Laptop Motherboard will suffer damage. So, use a Laptop battery even if you use a Laptop for a long time.

That’s some bad habits that ruin your Laptop or can make your Laptop become more quickly damaged. As previously said that the cause of damage that often occurs not because of the poor quality of the Laptop, but because of your poor treatment. If you want to use a Laptop that is currently used for a long time, then treat your Laptop well with no bad habits above.

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