7 Ways to clean PC Laptop RAM: Relieve and Accelerate Performance

You user low-end PC or maybe a laptop user like me?. If you are on one of these devices or even both at once, there is certainly a lot of problems that you often find because of the exact specifications. Starting from the game that crashes because of the software that is run too heavy, and so forth.

One cause of the above problem is because your memory capacity is too small RAM, so your computer or laptop performance will be interrupted. Moreover, you have to do your RAM and will increase your spending.

Random Access Memory or that we often call with RAM is one component of hardware storage on a computer device that serves to store data while in the process by the CPU and data that you in the RAM is not fixed.

The types and specifications of RAM are also different. Types – Types of RAM namely DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, Sodium and so on. And while the specification of RAM is speed, timing, and many others.

In Indonesia, the majority of computer users and laptops are flat with a capacity of 2GB to 4GB of RAM that is sufficient for daily use. But why with enough capacity that is often the capacity of RAM full fast? For example in usage full when opening in Task Manager when you do not use anything. With Blogitech started discussing how to clean ram and how to relieve RAM. So the computer and laptop performance is more optimal.

How to clean RAM

Well, therefore Blogitech will give an article on how to give space or space on your RAM so that your RAM will be more relieved and will also discuss the cause. For more details, let us refer to the following article.

1. Install a lightweight OS

One solution that you can try is to reinstall your operating system and also format the hard drive on your computer or laptop. Because doing so, your hard drive will be freed from virus files that secretly consume your RAM resources.

But if you just re-install by formatting the drive Sadduccean only, then the result a few days later your computer or laptop will be infected by a virus that will eat your RAM resources quickly. This can happen because we do not know which drive has been affected by viruses.

2. Turn off the & application Startup Service

On a computer or laptop, there is usually an application and a startup service that will automatically open if your computer is first on the turn that will run in the background, so it will affect your RAM capacity.

You can disable such applications and services by press the key combination Windows + R > type Msconfig > Click the Startup tab > then disable the applications that are not needed. However, if you are a Windows 10 user you can disable it via Task Manager. Then enter the Windows Service tab by checking the “Hide all Microsoft Windows Service”, then click Disable.

3. Do a Virus Scanning

You need to know, viruses can also make your RAM capacity depleted. Although generally the virus is usually made aimed at infecting files-files even become eye-eye on the infected computer. Since the virus is running in the background, then we usually wouldn’t realize that our computer is being infected with viruses and it will also consume your RAM capacity.

However, for viruses that consume considerable RAM capacity, it can usually be detected in the task manager, because usually, the virus will consume more of your RAM resources in comparison with other applications that are running.

One of the running viruses is usually named Svchost or the like. If your computer has already infected the virus, your computer or laptop will be difficult to fix. Then the most precise solution is to perform a thorough virus scanning. If you are going to do the scanning, make sure you do it through Safe mode, because the application or drive will not run in Safe mode.

This is done so that there is no problem with the scanning process. And make sure the virus that is on your computer is correct – completely disappear when to is restarted. However, this way can only be done if the virus has not infected the system file on your computer. If it stays done then it could be damaging the system files on your computer.

4. Reduce Visual Effect in Windows

In Windows with versions of Windows 7 and above, it usually has a visual effect feature that can embellish the look of your Windows. However, if you use this feature, then the capacity of the RAM resource will be narrower. Then how to fix it is that you have to turn off the effect so that your RAM capacity will be more relieved.

You can disable the visual effect feature by going to System Properties > Advanced System Setting (on the left) > Click on Settings in the Performance section. Next to disable visual Effect feature uncheck the visual effects.

5. Use the RAM Optimizer app

There are a lot of apps – a RAM optimizer app that can help you stop the process of running applications automatically so that your RAM capacity will be more awake. You can use this app if you need it.

You can find a RAM optimization application that is already scattered in Google by means of the keyword “RAM cleaning applications in Windows”. Because this is optional, you can stop the application manually through the Task Manager.

6. Uninstall Unnecessary apps
By uninstalling applications that are not needed on your computer or laptop then you will not worry anymore with applications that run and consume your RAM capacity. It’s easy to go to Control Panel > Program and Features > Uninstall Program. Easy is not it?

7. Upgrading RAM to upgrade the RAM on your laptop is an up to date way to add and improve your RAM capacity. This can be done if your RAM capacity is already too full and can no longer accommodate our needs. The option to upgrade the RAM actually depends on the need. If you have a standard or game-only requirement, 8GB of RAM is enough to meet your needs. Unlike other needs such as a graphic design that has a lot of use of RAM capacity because it has to add graphics-heavy graphics and must have a computer that multitasking then the RAM capacity is in need minimum 16GB. However, if you are a laptop user, you must first read the manual to upgrade your laptop RAM so that there is no error in choosing the type of RAM, Kalu you confused then upgrade RAM to where the nearest laptop service. Quite a few ways to clean the laptop RAM. The optimal condition of RAM depends on the software and also the way the computer or laptop is using itself. If you have a large capacity of RAM but not optimized, then not necessarily your RAM will be relieved. Therefore, we must keep free space on your laptop or PC. Hopefully useful.

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