7 Best WordPress SEO plugins to improve Website rankings

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the way or technique to make the blog or ITA site be on the first page in Search engines (search engines) like Yahoo, Bing and Google. Logically, sites that occupy the top position of search results in search engines, have a greater chance of getting traffic/visitors.

There are a lot of ways to improve SEO, one of them is using SEO plugin. Now there are a lot of SEO plugins that we can use for free, using the SEO plugin you can make the SEO quality of your website easily.

Best WordPress SEO Plugin to improve Website rankings

For that we have a list of recommended plugins that you need to use, to add more value to your website Yes sob. Here is the best WordPress SEO Plugin to improve Website rankings.

1. Yoast SEO

The first Seo plugin is Yoast SEO, this plugin is the best wordpress seo plugin. This is evident with the many WordPress users who use this plugin to improve the SEO quality of their website. Adding SEO title, meta keywords and meta description to every post is also very easy.

One of the most useful features is the features that can provide suggestions for implementing URLs, keywords, description tags and more. So that the article you make more SEO friendly, with the feature of the website you can Optimasikan better. Besides being able to optimize posts, this plugin can also be used for optimization on breadcrumbs, categories and many more.

2. All in One SEO Pack

The second Seo plugin is All in One SEO, in my opinion this is the second best SEO plugin after yoast seo. Users of this plugin, more than 3 million active users. In this plugin, there are features that can make your website more SEO friendly. One of its features is creating an XML sitemap, title optimization, Google Analytics support meta tags and many more.

3. WP Super Cache

This Plugin is very useful for creating static HTML files for your WordPress site. After this WP Super Cache plugin is installed, this plugini makes the HTML file on the server and the loading speed of your website akn faster. The sooner the loadign of your website, the chance for longer visitors to your site is getting bigger. This is highly liked by Search engines, and can improve the rankings of your site in search engines (Search engines) especially Google. This Plugin already reaches 1 million active users.

4. W3 Total Cache

This Plugin is very useful to improve the loading speed of your website. Website loading performance also greatly affects the SEO of your webiste, so the loading speed of websites is one of the very important factir. It can also make Search engines like your website. This Plugin can be downloaded in WordPress. Org for free, this plugini also provides a paid version.


5. Broken Link Checker

This Plugin is useful for monitoring links on your website. If there is a broken link on your site, then you can know it with this plugin quickly. If there is a broken link, you can fix it through the plugin’s menu, so you don’t have to manually fix it on every post. You can also select a broken link notification to be sent via email or WordPress dashboard.

6. Google XML Sitemaps

This Plugin can be used to create an XML Sitemap that can help search engines to better instruct your website, a sitemap useful for easy crawling of search engines when checking your site. In addition, this plugin also serves to tell search engines there are newly created posts. Plugini this you can use for free, so you do not need to exit the fee to use this plugin.

7. Redirection

This Plugin allows you to set up a redirect URL on your website. So that Kalain can monitor the error 404 on your site, it is very useful if you migrate the website and there is a change in the WordPress installation directory. This Plugin can be used for free, so you do not have to charge any more to redirect.

Well, that’s 7 best WordPress SEO Plugin to improve Website rankings. If you have suggestions of other plugins please write your suggestions in the comments field. Hopefully this article is useful for you guys, share this article on your social media account.

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