7 Best Free Voice Editing Apps on Android Full Features

At this time, the activities that used to be only able to perform through a computer can now be done on our Android smartphone. With the Android Samartphone, we can be made easy in a wide variety of things. One of them is doing audio editing or doing sound compression on an Android smartphone.

There are a lot of apps – the sound editing app that has been provided in the Google Play Store that can be downloaded for free and has different features. With so many applications, it might make you confused to choose a good audio editing app that has powerful features.

7 List of Best voice editing apps on HP Android

Well then to help you in choosing a good audio editing application in Android and has a feature that is capable, so Blogitech will give a little review on the 7 best Android sound Editing apps that can be your reference before choosing a good video editing app that has powerful features. Let’s just read the following explanation.

#1. PocketBand


The first audio editing app is PocketBand, using the PocketBand app, you can perform Audio Mixing by changing the ringtone on a song and adding sound effects from various musical instruments, such as guitar, bass and LAN effects.

The features that are provided are quite complete one of which is the Recorder feature that you can use to perform voice recording directly using the app. And then of course you can directly edit it in this application such as improving the sound quality, adding effects and others – other.

Download the PocketBand app through the Google Play Store [HERE].

#2. Lexis Audio Editor


Made with a pretty perfect interface, the Lexis Audio Editor audio Editing app is also in a few times with advanced and powerful features. Such as tempo, speed, until the PITC control. In addition, the application that is in Besut by Pamsys also provides 10 types of band equalizer that certainly has a different sound characteristics.

Not only that, you can also insert those sound effects into the audio you’re editing. For sound format support supported by audio editing application that has been downloaded more than 5 million times is almost support for all audio file formats such as,. Mpa. Aac. WAF,. Wma. FLAC and many more.

Download the Lexis Audio Editor app through the Google Play Store [HERE].

#3. Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter and Ringtone Maker


This application of Appz Cloud Technologies In addition can be used to cut MP3, it also has a complete enough features to make sound editing, ranging from Marge Audio, Tag Audio, Audio Mixing, Audio Converter and many more. More This application still keep the audioquality to remain clear and good even if it is cut or edited.

Download application Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter and Ringtone Maker through Google Play Store [HERE].

#4. Audio Record and Editor


Besides being able to use it as a tool to record sound, it turns out that the Audio Record and Editor app can also be used with a wide range of features that you can use to perform sound editing, from cutting sound, to adding conversions, add effects and edit sounds with high quality.

Moreover, Audio Record and Editor application can also combine two different audio recordings in order to make it in one sound. After that you can directly add and adjust the sound quality as much as echo, adjust the pitch and speed, adjust the volume and still other.

Download application Audio Record and Editor through Google Play Store [HERE].

#5. Media Converter


Judging from its name, it is the main function of this application that is in use as a tool to convert to various audio formats such as. Mp3. MP4,. Mpeg. Wav. Flv. ACC and many more.

But not only that, Media Converter application can also be used to cut audio such as specifying duration Start and duration End. For those of you ho want to improve your voice to make it even better, you can do it with this application with a fairly easy and fast process.

Download the Media Converter application through Google Play Store [HERE].

#6. Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert Mp3 Audio & MP4 Video


The next audio editing app is Timbre. Using this one audio editing app, you can edit your voice as well as edit the video, from merging sounds, cutting sounds, converting audio and video files and much more. Even this application guarantees that the editing of the application will be compressed to have a small size but still maintain the original quality.

Download the Timbre app through the Google Play Store [HERE].

#7. Wavepad Free Audio Editor


Well the last application that you can try to do sound editing is Wavepad application, because this application has a series of advanced features and also reliable. Besides this application NCH Software is also made with the interface looks quite perfect like the audio editing Software on the computer.

In addition, it can be used as a editing tool, adding sound effects, and recording. You can also directly send the audio results you’ve edited to your friends via the Share menu. One of the advantages of this application is that it is located in an easy and fast editting process. Even more Wavepad can also improve the sound quality to be more clear and good.

Download Wavepad Audio Editor Free app through Google Play Store [HERE].

Well that’s the article from Blogitech about the 7 best Android sound Editi apps that have a myriad of diverse features that can help you in doing sound editing on your Android smartphone ranging from adding effects, cropping, combining, converting to improving the sound quality to make it more crisp and good. Hopefully it can be helpful and helpful.

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