7 Best Android Video Call Apps in 2021

If we go back a few years back, perhaps video calls are a service that is rarely used. But in the present, where smartphone technology has experienced a very rapid development, the video call is something commonplace. We can now easily make video calls using only a smartphone device. Moreover, the application developers also compete to create the best video call software that can meet the needs of its users.

The best Video calling app/Video call on Android
We can easily find the video call app in Playstore, but which one is best and worth checking out? In this occasion Mastekno will give a little review regarding APK Video call suitable for use on your smartphone. What are you? Please see the following summary.

#1. Google Duo

For the first one, we’ll recommend the Google Duo app. It seems that Google’s giant companies don’t want to lose in video call application competition. They developed this one APK to make users feel a convenient video calling experience. In addition to video calls, Google Duo can also be used to make voice calls Lho.  To make its use smooth without interruption, it is advisable to use a WiFi or 4G network. Interested? Just click [HERE].

#2. Whatsapp

Surely you are already familiar with this one application. Whatsapp is one of the mandatory APKS that is almost always installed on a smartphone device. They are well known to be innovative enough in delivering new features. And after giving the voice call feature, now Whastsapp also has a video call feature. Moreover, this APK is also famous very lightweight so it can be used on smartphones with low specs though. Don’t have any? Download and install [HERE].

#3. Skype
How long have you been a smartphone user? For those who have long probably been familiar with this one application. Skype is arguably one of the elders of the video call software. It has been a long time as an application to make video calls without having to worry about the cost incurred. It’s no wonder this Microsoft software is becoming very popular all over the world. Want to try it? Check [HERE].

#4. BBM

If you want to keep competing, it’s certainly an app to grow up to date. That’s what BBM is trying to do, they used to be very popular on Blackberry devices as chat applications. But now they are already available on smartphones with various platforms. BBM also adds new features such as high-quality voice or video calls. Are you still loyal to BBM users? If not just download [HERE]

#5. LINE

At the beginning of its appearance, LINE quickly climbed the leaves as one of the most popular chat apps. One of the advantages of this application is that there are various stickers available. But not only that, LINE also provides a video call service that can even accommodate 200 people at once in a single call. Outside familiarise? Just Install it [HERE].

#6. Messenger
Facebook, which has become the most popular social media today, is also competing in this regard. They present a special application called Messenger. Maybe some of you more often use it to send messages. But in fact, Messenger can also be used to make video calls for free Lho. Can’t believe it? Please try it yourself [HERE].

#7. Viber Messenger

Maybe some of you guys are still quite unfamiliar with this one application. But he was once popular Lho and became one of the most beloved APK video calls. You can use the Viber service by simply utilizing a mobile phone number. In terms of security, Viber has no doubt because they use an encryption system. If you’re a suggestion, check out [HERE].

Such a little review and reviews regarding the best Video call app on Android year 2019. Hopefully suggestions and recommendations above can give you the APK according to your needs. Just relax, because the above software can get free download and also save quota. If you have any suggestions or questions about this article, please drop by the comments field.

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