6 Ways to Protect Your Computer And Laptop From Viruses

Laptops and Computers is a tool that can help human work whether it is an office worker or a student, well the computer will be very optimal in its performance if we always maintain and care for it properly. Thus we will have the convenience of operating a laptop or computer.

But unfortunately it becomes a problem when a virus damages the computer and laptop you have, the virus itself is a collection of code created with the purpose of damaging the device, the virus can also format or delete data and steal data from the computer Virus. There are many types of computer-related, most of these viruses are as dangerous and there are even viruses that quickly disable a computer that is infected.

Another impact of the virus would be to ruin the performance that would make the PC device slower, or even some of the existing functions and features would be unusable. Some types of viruses Worm, Trojan, Spyware and so on that you need to beware of its.

The more danger of viruses is that it can assume that the potential for the damage is large enough, this will impact on the storage media that if it is infected then it will be full of viruses, even can be infected with other application programs that are certain Difficult to detect. So how to protect computer and laptop from virus attack? Well here is an explanation of the question.

How to protect your computer and Laptop from Virus attacks

To cope with viruses that are infected, you need to protect your computer from viruses, which is something we need to do. Thereby, laptop and computer devices can be protected with maximum, as well as how to solve viruses on computers and laptops as follows:

1. Install Antivirus

Make sure you are completely protected from viruses, you can install an antivirus on your computer or laptop, the antivirus itself works to solve the virus by deleting it from your computer. Make sure you choose a proven antivirus kehandalanya and also make sure that antivirus is a trusted antivirus. Antivirus can also spread the virus if the antivirus is an antivirus that is not trusted antivirus.

Therefore, make sure to choose an antivirus that is totally out of the track and trustworthy, many antivirus that has good quality. For example Antivirus 360 Security and Antivirus Avira, besides that antivirus is free with pro performance. But if you want to buy a paid antivirus then you can choose a paid antivirus like AVG Internet Security and so on.

Also make sure you always update your antivirus to update the virus removal, and then you can overcome the virus with a potent. Then to overcome the virus on the computer then you need to Scan your entire PC for analysis, if there is a virus then delete it. Scan your computer or laptop regularly to be well protected every time.

2. Beware of letter Eltektronik/Email

In the second point you should be wary of email kriman to your email account, make sure you do not occasionally open an attcahmenet file with a SCR VBS EXE extension attachment or other files such as txt. But if you think the data is important then it is good to use antivirus first. You can download the data and do not open it first, then check the folder where the data is downloaded and scan it using antivirus. If it is not detected as a virus then you can runoff, but still need to be careful of yes.

Be sure not to open attcahment email from unknown person, because it allows the file a malicious virus, usually the email is in Spam/Trash email (product sales, promo, etc.) Then if you don’t think it’s important then do not open.

3. Be careful when installing pendrive and CD/DVD

Always be aware when you insert a pendrive and a CD into your computer or laptop, make sure you are installed with an antivirus application that has support for flash scans or external storage. The reason allows the files on the flash infected the virus and when installed on another computer it allows other computers to be affected by viruses. That’s why you need to be alert when you plug in a flash on your computer.

4. Avoid pirated Software

Do not close the possibility if the software can be a hive of virus spreading, you know that pirated software can also spread viruses. But some are not too dangerous, so you are protected make sure you buy original or original software and if it is paid software then you can buy it to the seller directly.

5. Beware of malicious Pop-ups

We already know that the biggest virus spreading media is to utilize Internet access, then you need to be wary of the popup that pops up suddenly, do not easily be tempted by the popup of the ad. Usually the ad popup contains a compelling offer that exists on a page, so you can close it immediately because it’s likely a malicious program.

6. Do not Download files haphazardly

Most of us who love to download data on the internet often forget about the viruses that are scattered, make sure you download the trusted files and be sure to always be aware of the program. Before running the program that has been downloaded, then you scan first using a reliable antivirus.

Quite a few tips and tricks I can tell you how to protect your computer from viruses with a powerful. Hopefully you can miss your laptop and PC in order to always be safe, if you have questions about the article above, then you can send your inquiry in the comments field that has been provided.

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