5 Cache Cleaner Apps & junk files on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat apps at the moment which is widely used by users of Android smartphones.

That is partly because of its ease of use and has a simple appearance to make the application become popular and known by many people. In addition, on WhatsApp there are no ads so users will be more comfortable using it.

Although it uses quite a bit of internet quota but is unfortunate, WhatsApp still consumes considerable memory capacity. Because every message received from a friend will be automatically saved to your internal memory whether it’s a message with photos, documents, videos, or other types of files.

It will certainly be troublesome for its users because it has to choose the files between which should be stored properly and should be deleted. In addition, users will be difficult to find WhatsApp files that have been sent to others.

From the problem, therefore WhatsApp users should need an additional application to clean any database in the WhatsApp application. What are the applications? Check out the full review below.

Whatsapp Trash Cleaner App

1. Cleaner For WhatsApp

The first WhatsApp cleaning app is the Cleaner For WhatsApp app developed by the LookAndFile Lab developer. This one application is presented with user friendly interface and easy to use.

Most importantly this one app can clean up all the databases on WhatsApp such as sent files or received files in either photo, video, document, audio, or any other file. The app is also able to delete duplicate files.

Download the app Cleaner For WhatsApp Via Google Play Store [HERE].

2. Cleaner & Booster For WhatsApp

The next application is the app called Cleaner & Booster For WhatsApp developed by Quikalta. This application does have a simple and basic look but the application is able to help WhatsApp users in deleting the saved database.

Not much different from other applications you can also delete the received files or sent files that are no longer important.

Download the App Cleaner & Booster For WhatsApp Via Google Play Store [HERE].

3. Cleaner For WhatsApp

The app cleaner or the next WhatsApp cleaner is the Cleaner For WhatsApp app, it can clean junk data or data on WhalsApp.

The application of TATTOBR this one was created with a small size that is only 2.1 MB and is able to erase the garbage data on WhatsApp both files received and sent. More applications this one will search and find duplicate files as well as delete them.

Download the app Cleaner For WhatsApp Via Google Play Store [HERE].

4. Cleaner For Whats – Storage Cleaner App

If you want to have storage capacity on your Android smartphone you have enough space, then you should try this Kdev Studio app, which is the Cleaner For Whats – Storage Cleaner App application.

Using this application you can clean all Paris WhatsApp data on messages you have received or have sent messages with images, videos, documents, audio, or any other file. Well on the dashboard section will be seen the rest of your storage memory is still empty.

Download app Cleaner For Whats – Storage Cleaner App Via Google Play Store [HERE].

5. Advanced Cleaner for WhatsApp

For the fifth or last WhatsApp cleaning app, the Advanced Cleaner for WhatsApp app. The application developed by the developer of Kara Technologies has a user friendly interface and easy to use. This application you can use to delete all databases on WhatsApp that you think is no longer important or unnecessary to be saved.

Download the Advanced Cleaner app for WhatsApp Via Google Play Store [HERE].

So some brief reviews from Blogitech about the best Android WhatsApp cleaning app is fast and lightweight. With the application of WhatsApp cleaning or cleaner application that has been Blogitech Ulas above, you will now be easier to delete chache files, databases, photos, videos, documents, or other files in the WhatsApp application. Hopefully it can be helpful and helpful.

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