5 Best Chatting Apps: Full-featured, secure and easy

Social media is a form of media in the network that allows users to communicate with each other and interact with one another in online cyberspace. For those of you who want to know more deeply about what social media can you try to visit socialinternet that provides a variety of information on Internet social media.

Well on this time Blogitech want to share information on the 5 best chat apps at the moment. Okay, please friend friends see the article about the list of best Chatting apps now below well yes.

Best Chatting App

Chatting is a form of interaction inside the Internet online to communicate with fellow Internet users who are online as well/Fellow people who are currently connected to the Internet. Generally in chatting you can send messages in the form of text, images, and voice note/voice notes/voice recordings. Here below are the top 5 best Chatting App lists:

Telegram Chat Application

Telegram is one of the best chat apps that can be used by various types of operating systems on our devices such as for example for mobile devices are Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Ubuntu Touch. Then for the computer device itself can support the operating system Windows, Linux, and OS X.

Telegram can be used to chat in messaging in various forms of media such as writing/text, Pictures/photos, music/audio, video, to various forms of other types of documents. Besides being free and easy to use, perhaps below are some of the advantages of telegram applications factor that make telegram into one of the best chatting apps. Some of Telegram’s advantages compared to other Chat apps:

The Telegram app can always be used for free and always will continue free in the future.
This Telegram app does not overload the phone because this telegram app is very lightweight to operate (it doesn’t take up much RAM for your phone/computer).
Telegram Chat Application already has a cloud service to accommodate the data of its users, so it can be the users to send messages to each other faster.
The size of the telegram application itself if on a mobile device is relatively small if compared with other chat apps. The size of this telegram is only about 17 MB (can compare with WhatsApp Messenger of about 25 MB).

WhatsApp chat App

WhatsApp is a kind of messaging app that is basically a bit similar to a chat application that is quite popular when the FUEL is successful-it is BBM Messenger. This WhatsApp application is also the same as telegram can be used on a wide range of operating system platforms on our proprietary devices. This WhatsApp uses connection to communicate IE 3G Internet network (3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi). We can exchange messages with each other WhatsApp users in a variety of message forms.

In Indonesia it is probably now about 50% of its inhabitants use WhatsApp chat app as a tool to communicate them daily from among young people, even children, and parents. Perhaps the following below is an advantage WhatsApp chat app that makes it quite popular. Some advantages of WhatsApp apps compared to other apps:

This WhatsApp application can be directly connected using only the HP number without the need to Ribet using E Mail.
The Interface display for users is quite simple but has a wide range of functions that many people need.
Can be used in a wide range of operating systems.
The WhatsApp app is free to use and there are no ads on the inside of the WhatsApp app.
If using end to end encryption messages in WhatsApp will be fully secure and it’s hard to be hacked by irresponsible people.

App Chat Line

Line is a chat application that is also free of charge and can be used for various operating system platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS. This Line app can allow its users to communicate with each other like in a pre-existing chat app on top of which you can exchange text messages, videos, voice messages, pictures, or more. Even the line party itself develops games that can be accessed by the users of the application chat line. Ever at a time Line in claims is the best selling Instant messaging app in 42 countries in the world.

The appearance of the Line app is quite complex but neat, all features are well-developed in a nice user interface that is comfortable and good to look at.
Many available emojis and stickers that we can use to communicate with friends of our friends on Line to be more expressive and easier for us to reveal what kind of expressions we are feeling.
The time line that can make us easily know the activity, news, or information shared by friends and the official line account.

Snapchat chat App

Snapchat is an app for chatting/exchanging messages in the form of photographs created and developed by Stanford University students Sfview Bobby Murphy, Reggie Brown, and Evan Spiegel. The Snapchat app allows its users to take photos to record video and then make simple editing of the photo/video shot that has been taken and then send it to other users who have been assigned. Some of the featured features of Snapchat Advantage:


  • Snapchat can give you a caption/message to the photo/video you’ve taken when it gets sent to the person you’re aiming for.
  • Snapchat can allow its users to have an effect on the photos/videos that have been taken to make it better and more interesting.
  • Snapchat users can set a time limit to the recipient of the snap you send how long they can see the messages you send (from 1 to 10 seconds).
  • Save the Photos/videos you have taken in Snapchat to your device’s local storage permanently, so that it can be uploaded again to other social media and be viewed again at any time.
  • Can create a story on the stories feature. This is a kind of feature that is almost similar to the time line as on social media applications generally at the moment (Facebook/WA/IG There is also this feature).
  • There is a live chat feature that you can use to exchange messages with friends on Snapchat.

Chat Application Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an official app developed by Facebook that makes it easier for Facebook users to communicate and exchange messages with friends on Facebook. We can exchange messages in the Facebook Messenger app in the form of text, images, or more.

Now it’s possible that most Facebook users have also installed Facebook Messenger on their mobile devices to communicate with their Facebook friends. Here are some of the advantages of Facebook Messenger:


  • There is a notification sound that we can adjust to our liking to be easy to know when a message is coming.
  • Facebook Messenger is a chat bubble that can make it easy for users to reply to incoming messages.
  • There are a huge collection of stickers within Facebook Messenger that we can use in conversations with our Facebook friends.
  • Facebook Messenger can be used to communicate in the form of video calls or voice messages.
  • The appearance of Facebook Messenger is quite elegant and good to look at.

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