5 best Android app speeds up: Powerful and fast

Everybody would want a smartphone that they have neither Lemot nor have a leg. Because if the Android smartphone that we have a fast performance of course will be very enjoyable. It must be very annoying if the smartphone should make it easier for us to actually experience lag and can interfere with our activities.

Nowadays, there are many low-end Android smartphones that have a capacity of 1 GB RAM. This type of Android smartphone is also a lot of community choice because it has a relatively affordable price.

In addition to the capacity of RAM can affect the performance of Android, it turns out that too many applications running also become one of the causes of smartphone lemot because it will cause the CPU to become hot and will cause other problems.

So that it can be solved, the smartphone users who have the above complaint can use the application to accelerate the performance of Android.

App speeds up Android performance

There are a lot of booster apps that you can find in Play store both free and paid. Here are 5 apps to accelerate the performance of Android which is recommended.

1. Assistant for Android


The first widely used Android booster app is the Assistant for Android app. This one application is proven to be very powerful to improve the performance of your Android smartphone. The Assistant for Android app has two versions: the free version and the Pro version (paid).

In addition, the app also includes 18 features that can monitor the performance of your CPU, RAM, ROM, and SD Card. Not only that, Assistant for Android also offers a lot of control over Battery saver, File Manager, batch uninstall, and still many others. However, the lack of this application is that it always runs in the background, so it will drain battery power.

Download the Assistant app for Android Via Google Play Store [HERE].

2.1-Tap Cleaner


The next app is the 1-Tap Cleaner app. 1-Tap Cleaner app has a way of working with cleaning junk files, search browser history, cache, cookies, and logs. Its use is also very easy, with just one click then everything can be solved. You can use this app with the free version and Pro version (paid).

Download App 1-Tap Cleaner Via Google Play Store [HERE].

3. Clean Master


The app to accelerate the next Android performance is the Clean Master app. Clean Master app is a pretty popular Android booster app that you can download in Play store for free. For the business of ability to clean and accelerate the performance of Android no doubt because it is equipped with a lot of features. One of them is real time protection.
Some features that are carried by Clean Master are Applock, duplicate remover, clean junk files, cool down CPU by stopping apps running in background and many others. Even this app claimed to be able to increase the Android speed by 30% during game play. This app has a downside of often showing unnecessary notifications.

Download the Clean Master app Via Google Play Store [HERE].

4. AVG Cleaner


AVG is a pretty good and popular app developer, what’s more an anti-virus app. Not only antivirus Aja, apparently AVG also made an Android booster application with the name of AVG Cleaner. Using the AVG Cleaner app can help you to improve the performance of your Android smartphone.

The AVG Cleaner app enlarges your storage space, saves you battery life, and will also reduce the use of data that runs automatically. The AVG Cleaner app will automatically clean your Android device regularly from the junk file file. The downside of this application is the considerable consumption of battery power.

Download the AVG Cleaner app Via Google Play Store [HERE].

5. Booster


The app to accelerate the latest Android performance is Booster. Besides being able to accelerate the performance of your Android device, Booster is also save power and without ads and also equipped with unique features. App Booster will close apps running in background to optimize Android smartphone usage.

In addition, Booster is also equipped with easy navigation so it is able to quickly clean junk files and there is a battery status monitor feature and assuming the usage time. As explained earlier, that you will not be bothered by ads so that you can be more comfortable in using them.

Download the app Booster Via Google Play Store [HERE].

That’s a little article review of Blogitech regarding the application accelerate the best Android performance. From some of the booster apps that have Blogitech reviewed above, use the app that you think is most powerful to improve the performance of the Android smartphone you are using. of Blogitech , may be beneficial.

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