3 Actions or how to Avoid Online Scams on The Internet


Fraud is very common, especially in the present. The proliferation of online transactions in cyberspace or internet makes it impossible for scammers to miss out. For scammers, cyberspace is a new land to launch its action, which is deceptive online. Unlike ordinary scams, online scams can reach more victims and also perpetrators are very difficult to find because they never met directly.

Generally, online scams when perpetrators and victims do buy and sell transactions online. So, the perpetrator traded counterfeit goods or actually the goods were not available. After the victim made the payment, then the online scam perpetrators will flee and cannot be contacted. If it had been like this of course the victim would just be panicked without knowing what to do, moreover because it did not know the perpetrator at all.

In fact, online scams are inevitable, but you can be cautious by implementing secure online transaction tips. However, if you have already become a victim, then of course cancel that already happened. But, you also must not give up and silence in the pretext is sincere. However, you need to take action to deal with these online scams. Through these actions, there is still a possibility that your money can disappear again. If not, at least victims of online fraud perpetrators do not increase.

3 actions or how to avoid Online scams on the Internet

Usually, victims of online scams will feel confused to do what, because at all do not know the money is taken by whom, because it does not know the perpetrator at all. But, there is also a publicizing identity of the perpetrator to social media, but it is very likely that the identity is false or use someone else’s identity. If so, it could be that other people will be harmed and not the actual perpetrators.

Therefore, how to deal with online scams below you can try as a post-fraud action online. At least that action could make the perpetrator unsafe, it’s even better to get caught and your money back.


1. Reporting the perpetrators Online

3 actions or how to avoid Online scams on the Internet
3 actions or how to avoid Online scams on the Internet

The first action you need to do as a way of online fraud handling is to report the case online. The purpose of this reporting is that no other victims are deceived by the same actors. Generally, the information reported is the account number, because until now the hard-to-forged identity is the account number, compared to other identities such as name, address, photo, etc.

Of course the perpetrator will use the original account number when making an online transaction, so that the funds you send are entered into the account. In addition, the account number can not be made arbitrarily, because the bank of course verify the data during the account creation. Therefore, the account number becomes the most powerful weapon to identify online scams.

But, not only impacting others, online reporting also lets others help you find the culprit. The case of online fraud will of course make it furious with everyone. Therefore, it is not impossible if many people will help to find and provide information to you if found or anyone knows the perpetrator.

This first way or action is arguably the easiest way, because by making a report online, you don’t need to leave home. You just have to create an online report related to the online fraud you experience in your home or anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection.

To make online reporting of an online fraud case, there are many sites ready to accommodate your reports. These sites allow you to create reports freely and also your reports are freely accessible to others.

For the way you’re reporting, simply describe the timeline that happened, and then select the report type. After that enter the proof attachment such as scanned proof of payment to the account doer and the conversation screnshot. If there are still other evidence, then include it to strengthen your report. Finally, add the location of the fraud event and send. After the report comes in, the site will process for approximately 3 days. If you have verified the site will forward your report to the relevant authorities.

2. Reporting actors to the Bank

When you make money transfer to the perpetrator, then you are definitely notified which bank he uses. Based on the information, you can make a report directly to the bank used by the perpetrator. You just have to go to the nearest bank office from where you live.

When generating a report to the Bank, please describe the online fraud chronology you are experiencing. Do not forget to bring along and show proof of online transactions that you do with the perpetrators. This proof is crucial for the bank to believe that you are a victim of online fraud, and are not being pretended.

With you making the report, the bank can take action immediately to block the account of the perpetrator. This one is arguably most effective because it is most likely that your money can be restored again quickly. If fraud occurs when the bank is not in the operating hours you can call the bank’s call center or service center as the first handling.


3. Reporting actors to the police

The third action you should take to deal with online fraud is to make a report to the police. This part is arguably the most important, because the police authorities have the authority to find the perpetrators so that your money can return.

You can go directly to the police station and tell a chronology of fraud happening. Make a report with strong evidence so that the police can process it quickly. If you do not have a chance to come to the police station directly, you can report the case of online fraud to the police via email.Before the report is sent make sure attachments are proof and your personal data is complete.

In some cases online trading, the victims are deceived usually because it is tempted by a cheap price or a big discount. Therefore, you should not easily believe in the cheap price offered online shop. Keep in mind that prevention is better than cure, keep careful and careful.

That’s 3 actions or ways to deal with online scams that you can do if you already have a victim. These actions are very important, in addition to that your money can return, also to minimize the existence of other victims of the same actors. However, please be aware that it is advisable to do all three of these actions, not just one or two because they are all intertwined.

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