2 Tips to get rid of and remove Malware on your Smartphone

Android is not a completely secure device of malware attacks. Despite the preventive measures, apparently there is still a possibility that Android can be infected with malware in the software.

If you’re starting to worry about your phone’s security, you may need to read and do some tips to prevent, detect, and remove malware on your Android.

1. How to protect Android from Malware

It’s hard to know if a file that we download or store on your phone doesn’t contain malware. However, some malware interferes with smartphone users by making the phone’s battery fast running out or often showing ads. Meanwhile, other malware secretly steals user-owned data.

There are several ways to protect your smartphone from malware attacks. First by installing an anti-malware application. While there is a debate over the effectiveness of the use of anti-virus applications, it is better to try to remove the malware by installing anti-virus or anti-malware.

Secondly, start doing the tips below:

  1. Turn off the settings that let your smartphone install apps from outside the Play Store. By going to the Security Setting, then do not allow applications from sources that do not clear installation.
  2. Update the app if there’s an update on Google Play. Typically, each app provides updates, they are accompanied by enhanced security and protection against their user data.
  3. Check all app permissions before you download them. If permissions aren’t related to the app, look for another app to download.
  4. When using public Wi-Fi, use a VPN to protect your data.


Malware Detection on Android

2. How to detect Malware, Adware, and viruses on Android

If your smartphone has its performance suddenly become slow or the battery is quickly draining, maybe your Android is attacked by malware or viruses. If your phone keeps on raising pop-up ads, it might be an adware attack form.

You can install anti-virus to detect and remove malware or viruses. Well, if the ad banner is popping up on your app, it’s easy enough to know what type of adware is attacking, especially if your phone is running Android 7.0 Marshmallow, how to:


  1. In Settings, look for Apps for Draw, you’ll find a list of apps that have permission to run on top of other apps.
  2. Then, don’t allow any suspicious apps to run in other apps. You can also delete the suspicious application.

Remove Malware from Android

3. How to remove Malware from Android

If an app is suspicious, you can delete the app. However, it remains to use anti-virus to prevent, detect, and eliminate threats from malware.

First, you can uninstall the application that is considered suspicious if it is not uninstalled because the application has administrator rights, you can delete the administrator of the rights by:

  1. Go to Settings, select Security and see Device Administrator section. You will see the Android Device Manager menu on the list.
  2. You can revoke rights administrator permissions on undeleted apps. After the permission is revoked, the suspicious application can be removed.
  3. Next, you can test if the steps have been done successfully. By restarting the Android, once the smartphone is on, you can see if the performance is back to normal.

If there is still a problem try using an anti-virus application. If there is a virus and it is successfully detected and removed by an anti-virus, your smartphone is fine.

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