11 Tips To Secure Online Shopping From Scam Sites

11 Tips to secure Online shopping from Scam sites
11 Tips to secure Online shopping from Scam sites

Nowadays, Internet use in daily life is increasing. This can be proved by the activities of people who always access the Internet in their everyday life. Included in the activities of buying and selling goods that are usually only done by coming to the shopping center directly, can now be done online.

Online shopping or electronic trading has become a common thing in the present. This is of course because of the various conveniences that can be obtained, for example, no need to bother going out of the house. In addition, by shopping online then you can choose more variations of goods than when it comes to shopping centers.

However, of course not all are positive or profitable for users who are always shopping online, but there is also a negative side that should be ready to bear. The negative side or things that can be detrimental when shopping online are also diverse, such as making people lazy out of the house. However, the most feared and often complained of is the occurrence of fraud during online shopping. Therefore, in order for you not to be a victim, these tips can be applied so as not to be deceived when shopping online.

Tips to avoid being deceived while shopping Online

The case of online fraud is very lively happening today, where the buyer has already made the money transfer the purchase of goods, but the item was not delivered by the seller. Anyone can actually be a victim. Online shopping sites also can’t guarantee trust, whether it’s marketplace, social media, or a personal web of weathery, all can be suspected of being online fraudsters.

If you want to try shopping online, actually do not have to be too afraid, because there are still many sellers or vendors online trusted. You just need to be careful not to transact with online cheat pads and become victims of fraud. Therefore, you can try the following tips to avoid being deceived when shopping online.


1. Find information about online sellers

Find information about online sellers 
Find information about online sellers

The first Tips you should do if you want to shop online to avoid being fooled is to find as much information about the seller you would buy the goods. Look for as much information about the seller as possible until you can conclude that he is not an online cheat. The information you can look for can be a seller store information or a previous buyer’s review.

If you want to shop online in the marketplace, then make sure you check out the details of the stores that will be occupied by shopping. Check the presence of the store physically by asking for an official address and contact. In addition, you also need to check how many similar products are sold. This is very important because online dealers are really traders definitely have many types of goods being sold.

Not only that, you are obliged to check the reviews that have been given by previous buyers. If there is a review stating that the seller is not trusted, then please find another online seller. In addition, you also need to check the customer satisfaction of the quality of the delivered goods, not until the goods sent does not match the image and description in the marketplace.


2. Read Online seller Policy

The second Tips you need to do in order not to be fooled when shopping online is by peruse the policy from online sellers. This section is usually the most often overlooked because of the lazy nature of reading that prospective buyers have. You should check that there is no policy to be detrimental to the day.

The first thing to check is that there is no policy to mention that the merchant can give your data to other parties. If there is a policy point that reads like that, you should look for other pads, because your data can be abused, and can also terrorize you.

You must also read the order cancellation policy and return of the item if it is accepted. Because, when you shop online then the item is not seen physically. So, it can be when you have received it precisely does not match the desired. This means you cannot accept and keep the item, but it must be returned.

Check if it is possible to make returns that are not suitable to be exchanged for other items. Or, if you do not want to redeem it, check if it can apply for a refund when the item is returned. Also check who will cover the return fee for the item.

Again you can not ignore the return policy of this item, because it can not be guaranteed ordered items are always appropriate. If it turns out the seller does not record this return policy, then please ask by chat or contact.


3. Check fraud history by Online Sellers

The third tip you shouldn’t miss from being fooled into online shopping is to check and make sure there’s no history of fraud ever done by the seller you’re going to buy the goods from. Be careful to make sure that the pads never do any fraud before.

Usually, if there is a case of fraud then the victim will share it on social media or discussion forums. To check this information, you can use a search engine like Google or Bing. Please do a search with the keyword “fraud by [seller account name]”. Not to mention enough here, you also need to do a search of this information on social media and discussion groups.

In addition to searching on Google or social media, you can also directly check seller accounts on the online reporting site. There are many online reporting sites that are often used to report fraudsters online, one of which kredibel.co.id. On the site you can check the account number provided by the seller. If it does not appear fraudulent history information, it can be said to be safe.


4. Shopping on famous Online sellers

The next tip is not to be deceived when shopping online is to buy goods from the famous seller. Sellers who are well-known means are those who already have a lot of customers and have often occupied online shopping. Sellers who have good quality and reliable goods will definitely be recommended by many and become famous. Therefore, you can first find a review of how much the seller recommended it on social media.

If there is an item you want to buy online, then check the availability of the goods in the seller account that is famous and recommended by friends or others. But, if it turns out that the item you are looking for is not available at the famous seller, then look for another online seller.


5. Don’t use important account information when registering

If you need to register as a buyer by registering on the seller’s website, then the next tips to avoid being deceived when shopping online is not using information from important accounts. The important account in question here is the email, social media account, account accounts, etc. that are personal.

If you need to register using email or MOBILE number, then you should not use the email or mobile number that is frequently used or linked with other important accounts. If you are forced, when you create a password, do not use the same password as your email, social media accounts, account accounts, and other important accounts. It is of course to avoid those sellers accessing your important accounts.

Also, never provide information that is not needed. In general, online weather pads only need some necessary information from their buyers. For example, the email or MOBILE number required for the seller to contact you regarding the item ordered. A home address that can be used by the seller as the purpose of delivering the goods you ordered. Information other than that is not necessary, so if asked for a lot of personal information, then you need to be suspicious and not directly given.


6. Don’t be tempted by cheap stuff

The sixth tip for you not to be a victim of fraud while shopping online is not easy to be tempted by the price of goods is very cheap. Generally, prospective buyers will find the best items that have the cheapest price. This is the most commonly utilized by online fraudsters.

Online fraudsters will be eyeing people who are looking for a lot at such irrational prices. Online fraudsters will look for targets by installing very cheap and irrational prices. Therefore, you should not believe it at a tempting price. Whatever the reason, whether it is cheap due to a once-in-a-lifetime promo, laundry warehouse, black market goods, and other reasons.

Looking for goods that have a cheap price is not wrong, but the price remains to be rational. Therefore, it is essential to compare the price of each seller. If there is a price that is too cheap than usual, then it is best avoided. For example, you want to buy HP at a normal cost of 3 million, but some offer 1 million, so this is likely a fraud.

If the seller is sending the goods you ordered, then still will not be by the expected. Most likely, the item you received does not match the description on the merchant’s website. It could be goods for counterfeit goods (KW) or second-hand goods. So, in essence, buying the price is reasonable and not much different from other online sellers.


7. Check details and item description

The seventh tip so that you are not deceived while shopping online is to check the details and description of each item that will be ordered. It’s important to check the details and description of the item, whether it’s the one you want or not.

Checking the details and description of the item is important so that you don’t get the wrong message. Do not let you buy items that do not fit just because it is less thorough. Although you can return the item, generally, the return fee is borne by the buyer. The worst part if the seller does not receive the return of the item due to your inaccuracy factor.


8. Check the order Total price

The eighth tip you need to apply when shopping online is not to be a victim of fraud is to check the total cost of the order. What’s more, if you buy a lot of stuff, don’t rush to make a payment.

Make sure you recalculate the total price of the order based on the item unit price. Check also postage from your order, whether it is appropriate or not. Then, check if there are any deals or discounts, whether the promo or discount has been applied, and the total price of the order has decreased.


9. Consider payment methods

Consider payment methods
Consider payment methods

The ninth tip that you are not fooled into online shopping is to try a profitable payment method. In general, if you shop online, then you have to transfer payment first, then the goods will be shipped. However, it is not uncommon to also have COD (Cash on Delivery) or pay-on-site options.

If there is this COD option, it is strongly recommended to use this method instead of making the payment transfer first. Or, if the seller is still a city with you, then you should meet directly, or you come directly to the shop. The advantage is that you are not deceived because payment is made after the goods are received. However, if Cash On Delivery option is unavailable, then please make a transfer payment, as long as the above points are fulfilled.


10. Use third party payment (joint account)

The next Tip so that you do not become fraudulent online is to use a third-party payment service or often also called a joint account (Rekber). Rekber or joint account is a method of payment by involving a third party trusted by the seller and buyer. However, this way is only needed if you’re shopping on social media, and not from a trusted marketplace.

In brief, the way Rekber works is the buyer’s money will be sent first to the provider of this service, and then the seller sends the goods to the buyer. If the buyer has received the goods, the buyer will confirm to the service provider so that the payment funds are sent to the seller.

There are many Rekber service providers out there that can help you to secure online transactions. You can look it up on social media by asking for recommendations from trusted people. Usually, it will be given an additional fee if you use this Recber service, but it is no more than the security of your online transactions.

Or, if you do not want to bother looking for a service provider, then please ask the seller to install the goods in the trusted marketplace. Once installed in the marketplace, you can then buy it from the marketplace.


11. Save Proof of transaction

The last tip so that you don’t fall victim to online scams is always to keep every proof of transaction when shopping online. These tokens could be email payments, screenshot checkout pages, screenshots chat payments, and other tests.

This evidence is crucial as a grip if the seller is backing that you have already made a payment. Also, if the seller has not sent the goods, then you can report to the police by carrying evidence of this transaction.

These are some tips that you can apply to avoid being fooled into shopping online. As said before, online shopping cannot be avoided because it has been the hour. Fraud is also inevitable because anyone can be malicious. All you can do is be careful when shopping online by trying to apply the tips above.

The Tips above are for those of you who want to shop online and yet become victims of online scams. But, if you have experienced and become a victim of online scams, then this can be used as a tip to avoid repeated. Also, you need to take action to deal with these online scams. The goal, of course, is not to appear more victims, and online scams can be eradicated.

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