10 Ways To Create A Compelling And Professional LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a social network with a very unique concept that is professionally endowed, which is where LinkedIn has very many users who are professionals with backgrounds as businessman, especially in IT, but Many are out of the field. So that LinkedIn’s social network is often used as a medium to promote itself or its business to prospective clients or consumers, it can also be a company.

For that purpose LinkedIn users have to create a profile in his account looks very professional and interesting, so that with this kind of course will give a plus value from the company’s eye or the person who will be the client. Of course with this professional and interesting profile will be more in the lyrics by people who need our services or energy.

LinkedIn’s own active user has now reached a figure of 500 million, this data was acquired by April 2017, in Indonesia itself the same year LinkedIn users numbered about 8 million people. However if the Cbat has a LinkedIn account should look professional and attractive. Because it is also judged by others that illustrate how you really are.

How to create a compelling LinkedIn profile

Because of this, this time Blogitech will create articles about 10 steps make LinkedIn profile become more interesting and professional, please friend read the article below well, and try to prepress yes.

1. Install a professional LinkedIn profile picture

The first thing that is usually seen in a social network is the profile photo of an account, yes no different from other social media usually on LinkedIn the thing that often looks the first time is the profile picture, therefore so that your Instagram profile Look more professional, you need to have a profile photo that feels elegant and professional, don’t let you put a photo of the alay inside LinkedIn especially if you’re in the business world, it will certainly change the corner of someone else’s field.

2. Showing recommendations on LinkedIn

To add the professionalism of your account, you need to display the Recommendations section of LinkedIn, as it’s one of the most important features in LinkedIn. Often ask Recommendations from your friend, your boss, client, whoever it is if you can Recommendations as this will increase your account credibility in LinkedIn.

3. Join a Group on LinkedIn

By joining the group of groups available on LinkedIn, it will make it easy for LinkedIn users to share their experiences and participate in a professional group with specific corporate companies. This really helps to expand the introduction network between users that are on LinkedIn. Many group groups are available on LinkedIn, try to be an active member in the group you follow, with it will make more people who know each other, so the more chances you get the client from This LinkedIn social network.

4. Turn off the LinkedIn notification feature when Update

This notification feature within LinkedIn can really help others know your activity, but it’s not uncommon among those people who are connected to LinkedIn you’re annoyed if you get too often notified when you Updates to your profile. What’s more if you’re a pretty active person in this LinkedIn, you can turn off Your LinkedIn notification feature on the right side of your LinkedIn profile corner, looking for the Notify Your Network.

5. Change your LinkedIn profile URL Link

Inside LinkedIn This provides a feature where users can change the profile Link URL of their users to their liking, provided that there is nothing similar to the URL of the Likedin profile, you can change your profile URL to More simple and neat, so it looks quite professional and feels elegant than the previous URL.

6. Fill out all Work experience columns (LinkedIn Experience column)

Fill out all the experience fields on your LinkedIn as complete and as detailed as possible with the work experience you’ve ever walked, from your workplace, or your company if you’re working alone, your position, place, about your work, or anything else That relate to your work experience, because it will make it easier for others to know the abilities and potentials that you have in yourself.

7. Fill out the full column of your LinkedIn profile section

By filling out all the sections of your LinkedIn profile, this will make it very easy for others to get to know you more deeply, with information that is available from the description on your profile. Also LinkedIn’s own party has also ensured that your LinkedIn profile will be 40 times more often in LinkedIn searches if your profile already has a complete status. Obviously it’s a loss not if the part of your LinkedIn profile is not filled in full.

8. Create a professional LinkedIn Summary

Summary is very important for often we make it professionally and as interesting as possible, this is because the summary has a lot of usability. You can fill a Summary with your professional photo photos, videos about yourself, information that will attract others, anything about yourself you can input in Summary, use a summary as professional as possible, so that it Will attract a lot of people to yourself. That’s why the summary is no less important than other parts of the section on LinkedIn.

9. Using a targeted keyword or keyword on LinkedIn

You’ll need to be smart to take advantage of the parts that are on LinkedIn by filling it out with all the keywords or passwords that relate to you to be discoverable by others looking for people like yourself, using The right targeted keywords on LinkedIn in my opinion is one of the most important factors to do within LinkedIn.

10. Set LinkedIn’s Headline Profile to draw

You have to make use of the Headline column that’s on top of your LinkedIn profile as well as possible, so that people who see your LinkedIn headline profile can be quickly interested in you, you can fill in the headline of your profile with 120 characters. You need to make use of it to describe your skills, or a profession that you’ve briefly mastered but attracted to others.

That’s 10 Tips to make your LinkedIn profile look more attractive and professional than Blogitech, with this article in hopes of the readers Blogitech all who use LinkedIn can try to apply the above 10 linkedIn Tips, in order to add The credibility and trustworthiness of people who view your LinkedIn profile, so that they easily glance at you for their work partners.

If anyone wants to ask or if anyone interested in adding tips so that the LinkedIn profile looks more professional can give know Blogitech through the comments field below this article. Thank you for visiting Blogitech, read also other interesting articles.

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