10 reasons Xiaomi Smartphones Cheap and bestselling: Causes Xiaomi cheap

Smartphones are often used as a smartphone, which is now a lot to use. One of the brands of smartphones that are booming and widely used Xiaomi. This mobile phone is well known for its affordable prices as well as pretty good specs. And not inferior to phones that cost much more expensive because of the same specs but that is different Xiaomi prices are more affordable.

An example is happening on the HP Xiaomi Mi series A1 with specifications owned is the screen 5.5 inch Full HD, RAM 4GB, ROM 64GB, and Snapdagron 625 which is only sold at a price of 3.1 million which is reportedly also been promoted at the price of  $200. Which if compared with other brands with the same specification many are estimating at a price of approximately 4millions.

Actually many brands use a system such as Xiaomi but maybe the local brand loses to Xiaomi so this phone is like already ramps famous phone has a very affordable price in Indonesia. Because indeed Xiaomi has a fairly good quality with a price that is pegged in such a way.

Why Xiaomi Android PHONES are cheap

Some even mention that Xiaomi is likely to be the successor of Apple phones or given The nickname “The Next Apple” It also makes people very interested in Xiaomi. Beside that there is actually a reason why Xiaomi phones can be cheaper following I have already summarized some reasons why Xiaomi prices can be cheap see the explanation below.

#1. Building a strategic cooperation with QUALCOMM

Qualcomm is a company that manufactures the Snapdragon SoC and as we know Xiaomi is using the Snapdragon SoC instead. It turned out that all Xiaomi builds a good cooperation with that company so that it can get cheaper and more affordable rates for the Snapdragon SoC.

And the possibility of Xiaomi to do the company Qualcomm can produce a lot of phones so that the Snapdragon SoC will be sold very best selling possible this is why Xiaomi becomes cheap.

#2. Doing marketing Online

Xiaomi does its product sales more via online because it is seen also from the development of today almost all activities can be done online. We see the comparison if we buy Xiaomi phones in Online and the counter is definitely cheaper to go online instead?

In addition Xiaomi also does not do sales of its products through conventional media because doing conventional promotion has been known to spend a lot of costs so this is what causes Xiaomi not want to use the media and prefer online so that the price will be cheaper when bought by consumers.

#3. Promote through social Media

In addition to online, Xiaomi also promotes its products through social media such as Twitter and Facebook. And now the booming social media is Instagram so Xiaomi is more trying to get closer to consumers via Instagram.

Early on Xiaomi did promotion through social media is the first Xiaomi do a cheap promotion modeled by Taiwan which was later promoted on Weibo which looks similar to Twitter originating from China.

This strategy then got a good response and was fairly successful, making Xiaomi implement this strategy to market its products. When wanting to promote its products in Indonesia, Xiaomi implemented the strategy above to promote its products for example while in Indonesia Xiaomi uses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for promotion.

#4. Hosting Flash Sale and Hungry Marketing

Flash Sale is a fast-paced sales system. And usually the sale of Flash Sale we encounter on e-commerce online sites such as Shopee, Lazada, JD.ID and many more. Flash sale strategies are often referred to as hungry marketing.

This sale uses product restrictions sold and has been traveled by Xiaomi parties that by using the method Flash sale or hungry marketing is believed to be able to suppress or reduce the cost of promotion.

#5. Getting a little profit, selling a lot

Apple and Xiaomi alike have a lot of fans in number in my opinion. But as we know Apple is sold at a very expensive price so that it gets a lot different from the Xiaomi that is sold at cheap prices so that the target can be deduced Xiaomi actually covers the lower middle class that is the target of Xiaomi Marketshare.

Although Xiaomi sells at a cheap price but the sale of their mobile phone is so much that despite the profit a little if the product sold a lot then there is still remained in the get by phone maker Xiaomi.

#6. Partnering with other companies

Because Xiaomi is a brand that has been fairly known to many people therefore many companies who want to cooperate with Xiaomi one of them is Erafone who have undergone a relationship familiar with Xiaomi.

The company that established a good relationship with Xiaomi again is Indosat Telecom which makes Xiaomi the price is cheaper. With Indosat will provide subsidies to Xiaomi products that are done by making a product with the requirement to subscribe to Indosat card in advance with this subsidy system makes Xiaomi also become cheaper.

#7. Have your own shop/self-coating

In selling Xiaomi products also not only rely on online promotion strategy but still have a physical property of Xiaomi own named Mi Store which causes the sale of products become better selling. With the presence of Mi Store does not cut for reseller fees or distributor fees that impact Xiaomi prices remain cheap and stable.

#8. Leverage opportunities

Many products have good quality but due to lack of understanding of existing opportunities then their marketing results become less stable. Xiaomi is able to intelligently see the opportunities around him for examples of many products that want to market out but Xiaomi still keeps it in the country because it sees the magnitude of the opportunity.

So it is not surprising if Xiaomi brand almost ramped to be used by many Indonesians because it is a target of Xiaomi one of them is the country itself.

In addition to these factors, Xiaomi is also able to see and analyze what the Indonesian people want so that sales are best selling because it has fulfilled the wishes of the community. Another thing that makes Xiaomi cheap is to make Xiaomi factory located in Indonesia so that it goes into one factor why Xiaomi is cheap.

#9. Only focus on two products

If we look towards other products maybe they have many series developed but different from Xiaomi. This brand only focuses its products into two variants of the Mi and REDMI versions.

If the REDMI version is intended for the lower middle class and if the Mi for the upper middle class. By simply focusing into two variants alone makes Xiaomi more focused on what products they have in spite of the constraints that are R&D or R & C that are experiencing a little difficult or in a sense not very developed.

#10. Products sold without Headseat

It is no secret that the product sold by Xiaomi when we buy it is definitely not included headseat therein. Indeed Xiaomi does not include a headseat in its sold package and gives the buyer the freedom to buy a headseat according to his own wishes and this may cause the price of Xiaomi can be cheap and affordable.

Thus the article on Causes & reason HP Xiaomi cheap and very bestselling, hopefully can increase our knowledge and insight become wider in understanding the Xiaomi brand and can be a comparison and consideration before buying our HP first. Hopefully this article is useful if there are unclear explanations do not hesitate to ask!

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